Florentino's third galactic project will cost € 400M

The signing of Hazard (100 million fixed plus 50 in variables) has been the starting signal. Militao, Jovic, Pogba ... Madrid wants to make history.

We have had to do in a year what has not been done in the last three. " This was the sentence that Florentino launched into the air when he returned to the presidency in 2009. With it he justified the th expense that was made of 264M € in nine players: Christian (96), Kaká (65), Benzema (35), Xabi Alonso (30), Albiol (15), Garay (10), Negredo (5), Arbeloa (4) and Granero (4). It was the start of the second project of Florentino, which was later completed with some other major addition, such as Bale (101) or James (80) .The first started when the president paid the Figo clause (60M €) . To him followed by Zidane (72), Ronaldo (45) and Beckham (24) .

Aho Madrid plans an expense of around € 400M. This third major project is headed by Hazard. Madrid had to wait until this summer, when there was only one year left of the Belgian contract, to start with his new plan . Before, Florentino had an alibi, the template that now seeks to renew still winning Champions.. But now, with Hazard and Jovic will come Militao, Rodrygo, Mendy, Pogba or Eriksen.

Tras Hazard the next big goal is Pogba, Zidane's personal endeavor. UEFA Indicator 6 talks about not spending 100 million more on signings of what is entered by sales. United does not want to sell to Pogba, and when Madrid has probed that possibility a wall has been found: poll between 160 and 180 million. The alternative to it is Eriksen. With Pogba the total spending of the summer would amount to 465M € . If the next one is Eriksen, the figure would remain at 375. All, accounting for the Hazard operation in the fixed € 100M of the payment.

Hazard will be more expensive.

El Madrid could not squeeze Chelsea for the Belgian despite finishing in 2020. Según yesterday published the prestigious BBC, chain very close to the London club, Madrid will pay fixed € 100M but variables (which would never be paid this summer ) can go up to 50M € . For that to happen Hazard would have to be proclaimed several times Golden Ball, but, reveals the British medium, "it is easy for Madrid to end up paying € 30M more" . The inflationary conjuncture of the football and the irruption of the clubs state (City or PSG) and of great fortunes (Chelsea, United ...) makes difficult the work to Madrid. Not only to sign, also to pay salaries that are competitive for the big stars. According to the latest official accounts, it now spends € 280m in salaries ...

The new contract with Adidas, for which is collected from 40 to 120M € per year, will serve as a buffer waiting for the stadium allow another income by naming. That will help the salary mass of the first staff can rise. The club needs it. Hazard will charge from now on as Ramos (12.5 million net) and Pogba has gone off the hook asking for 17 to come. But, whatever the case, the third galactic project has already begun to move ...

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