Ferrari remains firm with Vettel in front and Mercedes, an unknown

Better time for the German followed by Leclerc cemented in a great third sector, that of the top speed. Step back from Sainz (13th), although there is room for improvement.

In a couple of hours it will be known if Mercedes had loaded the fuel car to give excitement to the weekend or if, in fact, Ferrari is stronger in this power circuit. The third sector of Leclerc and Vettel is approximately three tenths faster than that of Bottas and Hamilton, where the difference between the two is based, with some equality in the previous two. In the last free practice the fastest was Vettel followed by Leclerc, although the Monegasque led a good part of a session in which the track improved on each pass, and failed on his last big fast lap attempt with a strong braking pass .

Follow them, more than three tenths, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas expectant. Mercedes always pulls an ace of the sleeve in the classifications in the form of several tenths hidden somewhere in the W10, but this time the top speeds of Maranello engines seem too big a pitfall. After them the Red Bull, not so far (about three tenths) with Verstappen ahead of Gasly, already recovered after a strange Friday.

Ricciardo was added to the first position of the middle zone, the seventh, with a last big attempt when the asphalt was already cleaner, later than other rivals. But the strongest in that time was Lando Norris with the McLaren, taking advantage of the team's good work on Friday, to be eighth with a brilliant last part that could be motivated by a slipstream. Carlos Sainz did not do so well, that in any case he did not nail his three best sectors in the same round and in qualifying he should be fighting with arguments for the top-10. It was 13º.

Sergio Pérez has made a strong step forward this weekend with Racing Point after two big prizes in the queue, suffering with the cut of Q1. It was ninth the Mexican, pity that his partner starred in a barbecue: Lance Stroll, in the grand prize of home, suffered a hydraulic leak in his engine and arrived with him on fire at the garage of Gilles Villeneuve. Premiered Mercedes power unit. Not everything was going to be good news this year for the Germans ...

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