Ferrari appeals the sanction, but enters a dead end

Penalties of five seconds do not admit revisions according to the rules of the FIA. Binotto, critic: "Vettel could not do otherwise, he was lucky to continue on track."

Along in the afternoon, and in the midst of certain mysticism, Ferrari confirmed that it will appeal the sanction that has left Vettel without victory. Actually what was assured is the intention to appeal, which is a previous step after which there are 96 hours to present new evidence to help clarify the situation, in this case telemetry. In any case, everything seems to lead to an alley no exit: penalties of five seconds fall into the group of punishments that do not admit revision according to the rules of the FIA.

Vettel went from braking to face the third curve of the 48th lap, shortened by the interior on the lawn and returned past Turn 4, with apparent lack of control, but narrowly preventing Hamilton from overtaking him on the right. According to the commissaires, "abandoned the track, returned unsafe and forced another car (Hamilton) to go off the track", which led to punishment by applying Article 38.1 of the sports regulations of the Federation.

According to those of Maranello, the German pilot was not controlling his car and managed to straighten it out of the grass without being able to choose the lines he was drawing. "Seb 'could not do anything else and in fact I think he was lucky to continue on the track There was no intention in what he did, he was in front and trying to maintain his position on the track" , says Binotto, visibly annoyed, although with little expectation that an appeal will come to fruition: "I do not think they have made the right decision, but in the end that does not matter."

As for the four-time champion, who with a plea in favor of classic F1 criticized the excess of regulation, protest not only for the what, but for the when: "I was surprised also because the incident had been six or seven laps before they communicated the penalty If you commit a crime you are guilty at the moment, I do not know what led you to that conclusion ".

" There have been similar situations in the past that have not been judged like in Canada, "adds Binotto, the team's boss, and comes to mind the defense of Hamilton over Ricciardo in Monaco 2016 in which Lewis locked up the Australian, a certainly similar maneuver, which for the FIA was career launch. If this damages F1? "Ask the people who pay money to go to the stands, I would not be happy in that situation, watching a fight for 70 laps and then decide for a decision like this," adds a sharp Vettel.

The controversy continues , although taking into account the legal context, everything seems to indicate that it will irremediably fade.

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