Fair sanction to Vettel

The sports commissioners decided that the German maneuver was dangerous for Hamiltton, and I can not agree more with this criterion.

Another setback for Ferrari in Canada, Vettel loses a victory that seemed to be tied because of a penalty. The sports commissioners decided that the maneuver of the German to return to the track after stepping on the grass was dangerous to his direct rival, Hamiltton, and I can not agree more with this criterion. Of course the first part of the incident corresponds with a stroke of the race and the red car returns to the asphalt as you can, not as you want. For me, the questionable thing comes right next, when Vettel lengthens the line to strangle the pace of the Mercedes, in a maneuver that could have avoided and that I consider premeditated: he was not willing to yield a triumph that has been pursuing the whole season and led to the limit its trajectory.

After that penalty of five seconds it reappeared, because we already knew it, the worst face of an ill-mannered pilot and not very sporty. Vettel's first thing, still inside the car, should have been to leave so many nonsense on the radio, roll up his sleeves and look for an opportunity, however minimal, to increase his distance with Hamilton to try to win. He did not do it and completed his shuffle already crossing the finish line with that first one that was a second. Scared before the podium, invading the space of the Mercedes team as if it were the corridor of his house, moving the position sign of the cars ... In short, an improper tantrum by a professional of his category and experience, regardless of whether he has or no reason ... that for me, I insist, it does not either.

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