Exultant Gallego: "I am one of yours, we will not fail you"

The new Espanyol coach was very excited to hundreds of parakeets in the Aplec, to whom he appealed: "We need you in this extra effort that is coming."

Entre cheers, as if it were the RCDE Stadium itself after reaching a sports milestone, David Gallego surprised by the Plaça de l'Ajuntament de Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, this Sunday at Aplec of Penyes. Visibly moved, with bright eyes, the new coach addressed the centenares of followers of Espanyol who acclaimed him.

"This is impressive. Imagine how I can feel being one of you and being here as responsible for the first team. This is a show, a pride and a pleasure, "he said. "My satisfaction is as great as yours. I'm a parakeet, I'm one of yours, and we're not going to fail, "said the coach, who added:" I have very clear that you are our strength, that the fan must feel identified with our team. There will be a proposal that we are going to enjoy a lot. When the fan goes to the stadium, he will see how the team defends its values. We are going to get it, "he promised.

Turgo Gallego a memory for the team responsible for the season that ended:" The sports management, the players and the previous coaching staff managed to return to Europe after 12 years. " And he appealed to those present: "I invite you to rest, to take a breath, because we are going to do something very demanding and we need you in this extra effort that comes" .

The new coach of Espanyol appeared just after was read of the Aplec, in charge of the exjugador and perica legend Rafa Marañón. "Sant Sadurní is today the capital of the best feeling in the world, the parakeet," he said. He added: " Without the push of the fans, Espanyol does not make sense. But with you, everything becomes magical ".

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