Extraterrestrial Nadal: twelve times champion in Paris

The Spaniard defeats Dominic Thiem (25 years) in four sets and adjourns the relay. He adds his 18 Grand Slam (two of Federer) and surpasses Margaret Court (11 in Australia).

Twelve times large. Twelve times Roland Garros champion in fourteen years. Monsieur Rafael Nadal, an alien who landed with the warm air of Manacor in Paris in 2005, returned to raise the Musketeers Cup after defeating by 6-3, 5-7, 6-1 and 6-1 in 3h: 01 a his future heir, Dominic Thiem, who will still have to wait to sit on the throne. Eternal, tireless, colossal. Submit 18 Grand Slams, and Roger Federer (20) already feels his breath in the neck. He also exceeds Margaret Court as the tennis player with more titles in a Grand Slam. The 'aussie' had won eleven openings in Australia between 1960 and 1973.

Tic, tac, tic, tac. As a watchmaker, Nadal has been marking the hours in the Philippe Chatrier. With the handle of his racket has stopped the time of Mariano Puerta, Robin Soderling, Stanislas Wawrinka, David Ferrer, twice that of Novak Djokovic and Thiem, and four that of Roger Federer. Implacable, tic, tac, tic, tac. Thus, 93 victories and only two defeats against the Swedish 'mad dog' in 2009 and the Serbian wolf in 2015. He always arrived on time for his appointment with the story. With the adjusted machinery. He never failed in the final match.

"Playing against Rafa on this court is the last challenge", had recognized Thiem in the previous. A tennis player of 25 years (eight less than Nadal), located in the number four in the world and He has been competing for four seasons in the Bologna Forest with two semifinals and two finals. Last year, he was summarily liquidated in three sets (6-4, 6-3 and 6-2) by the Spaniard, but this one was presented with the conviction of the elect, which has been imbued by the Chilean extenist Nicolás Massú , in his bench since March. Lucia a victory over Nadal himself in the semifinals of Godó and had left alive a five-set thriller against Djokovic in the semifinals.

In 2018, Thiem wanted to be Federer and shorten the points. He was wrong. He is like Nadal, a lava eruption. And in the first set, he played Rafa one on one with the same weapons as the Spaniard. The high balls with his backhand in one hand and also dismissed thousands of revolutions on that of the extraterrestrial. Wild exchanges that ended in a first break for the applicant (2-3). Then, the lord of Paris stirred up and left things clear: to win him in his lair it is necessary to kill him. He got up and managed the contrabreak with the public of the Chatrier standing, rubbing his eyes before the beauty and intensity of two colossi hitting on an ocher ring. The second break of the Balearic (5-3) came and took the first partial making it clear that he was not willing to easily sell his skin.

In the second it was not possible to maintain so much tension. The two ran the risk of bursting. They secured their serve (only five points gave each serving) and when they were heading to the tie-break, Thiem showed his sharp fang in that face of good boy and he managed a break for 7-5 that Nadal, who also knew that the Austrian had four consecutive days of matches in his legs due to the rain and that if the shock lengthened Thiem would end up suffering. So he shielded his serve and made three breaks in the third set. Relentless. Pim, pam, pum. He did not lose a single point taking and with this he did not give options to his rival to mount the revolt. He knew that if he opened any door, he could sneak in Massu's pupil, who had already beaten him four times on land.

The job had to be completed. And the Austrian resisted. He tried a break opportunity in the first game, and Nadal knocked him down with a break. And in two others in the third, but did not convert and won the 3-0. Time and again, Thiem was an unapproachable wall. In the background and in the network (lethal, 20-24). Seamless Only two games managed to win the Austrian in the last two sets. Another year will be ... maybe when Rafa is no longer there.

Nadal already has something divine. Twelve were the gods of the Greek Olympus and all have some touch. As Zeus is the god of thunder, as Ares dominates the war, as Athena is wise and as Apollo also possesses the attribute of beauty in the game ... Es a compendium of virtues that has found its perfect blend in the temple of Roland Garros, in the holy land of Paris where he returned to throw himself on his back, to stain himself to soak up it and cry. A player who already belongs to mythology.

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