Esteban wins the stage and Fischer leaves the race sentenced

Spanish doublet in the third stage of Asturias. The route and the unevenness accumulated passed bill to several proper names of the test.

The Super Stage of the Asturias Bike Race showed off its name and left all the bikers who took the start in Tineo breathless. A stage in which, again, in Male Elite, at the beginning a small head group was formed with Thomas Champion (Team XC Radon), Víctor Manuel Fernández (Wolfbike Team), Ismael Esteban (AldroArrueda) and Ever Alejandro Gómez (Olympia Factory Cycling). In the end the Cordovan Fernandez gave way and could not keep up and the winner of the stage was Esteban, followed by Thomas and Gómez. In Elite Women Natalia Fischer (MMR Factory Racing) was the one that started strong and finished the same way, moving away in each kilometer to her pursuer Clàudia Galicia, (Megamo UCI Team) and entering alone in Tineo. The Portuguese, Ana Antunes (MMR), was in charge of closing the podium.

Ismael Esteban is already 2nd in the general

The stage soon located to the runners, since the first ascent was found just after Tineo. A jornada marked by the strong ascents, since in addition to the 66 kilometers of route had to add the more than 2900 meters of accumulated altitude. The first 20 kilometers were a continuous ups and downs that allowed a head group formed by four cyclists to form. As the stage was consumed the layout was commissioned to filter the group before the equator of the day.

In category Male Elite everything was open. The group of four bikers that was formed after dropping Suárez and Castrillo at the 30th kilometer, continued imposing its own rhythm. Esteban, after going through a few minutes of crisis, recovered and managed to continue with the pace set by the leader of the general, the French Champion. The Cantabrian, after seeing himself with force, decided to put a stronger rhythm with which the Bolivian Gómez did not hold and was off the hook.

A passing through the kilometer 52, Champion and Fernandez followed the pace that Esteban put in the day, but suffered . Fernandez who tried to follow at all times, had to let go of the group and leave the final for Esteban and Champion. It was a hard last few kilometers for the Spaniard who for a second saw Champion leave him. But Esteban, who felt like it, took strength to continue the pace until the end and reach the finish line by pressing Champion and take the stage. The second was Champion and finally the third was Gomez, who, after losing the group of head, I can overcome the Fernandez who accused the hardness of the stage in the last kilometers, yielding the third position of the stage.

Fischer's coup d'état

In the Elite Women category, Natalia Fischer proposed a stage to his measure. After suffering in Excess yesterday, today at the Super Stage, went along with Clàudia Galicia, (Megamo UCI Team). About kilometer ten, the malagueña was very comfortable and decided to press something else. The Mountain Biker of the Megamo decided to continue at his pace and when he wanted to react Fischer marched far ahead.

Pese to the hardness of the stage, Fischer was comfortable. Seeing that Galicia did not follow when he squeezed at the start, Fischer set a very serious pace that allowed him to increase the distance considerably compared to the Mountain Biker of the Megamo. The malagueña recovered yesterday's effort in the best way, because after today's stage, and with the difference of time with respect to Galicia, tomorrow's stage will be somewhat more comfortable. After completing the 66 kilometers, Fischer was the first, followed by Galicia, more than 15 minutes, and closing the podium Ana Antunes (MMR), but without options to give the surprise tomorrow or fight the second position.

General Classification Elite Men

1. Thomas Champion (Team XC Radon) 06:38:18 2. Ismael Esteban (Aldro- Arrueda) 06:38:56 3. Víctor Manuel Fernández (Wolfbike Team) 06:41:34 4. Ever Alejandro Gómez ( Olympia Factory Cycling) 06:43:55 5. Kevin Suarez (Nesta CS Team) 06: 52: 39

Overall Ranking Elite Women

1. Natalia Fischer (MMR Factory Racing) 08:02:07 2. Clàudia Galicia (Megamo UCI Team) 08:21:30 3. Ana Antunes (MMR) 09:08:06 4. Silvia Roura ( Bilbao CDC) 09:18:18 5. Helena Isanta (Esierribikes) 09: 21: 30

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