Esteban and Fischer, champions of the Asturias Bike Race

Champion yielded after accusing the effort of the previous stages and Claudia Galicia did not take the exit.

Last and decisive stage in which everything was in the air. In Elite Men, beautiful fight for the first position between Thomas Champion (Team XC Radon) e Ismael Esteban (Aldro-Arrueda) to which only separated him 38 seconds. In the Elite Women's category Natalia Fischer (MMR Factory Racing), after having an advantage of more than 20 minutes over Clàudia Galicia, (Megamo UCI Team) was facing the last stage with the aim of maintaining the rent, but finally, the Mountain Biker Megamo, after spending a bad night and being sick, did not take the exit in Lugones. Soon the stage was broken.

Esteban sentenced the race

A the five kilometers Champion and Víctor M. Fernández (Wolfbike Team) imposed a hard pace and left alone distancing Esteban in 20 seconds. The fight was between Fernandez and Esteban. The Spaniard was worth only 40 seconds, while the Cordovan needed more time to climb to second place in the general classification.

With kilometers ahead, Esteban and Fernandez pulled very strong reaching the Cordovan first to the finish line located in the Santa Bárbara Park, Lugones. Just two seconds away, Esteban. Both Mountain Bikers, knowing the great stage they did, waiting for the arrival of French Champion and Bolivian Gomez to certify their first and second place in the general. MMR Asturias Bike Race did justice with the Bolivian Mountain Biker, and after closing a great edition, the marked times gave it the third position in the general classification. The French, Champion, could not with the effort and a bad stage takes him out of the drawer of the first three.

Fischer met the forecasts

After starting well in the stage, Fischer enjoyed a Finisher Stage, knowing that had the guaranteed edition with just reaching the finish line. Santa Barbara Park did not tire of applauding the Mountain Biker of the MMR Factory Racing after closing a very big edition.

The second position in the stage went to Silvia Roura (Esteve Sunn Kh7) and only 15 seconds Helena Isanta (Esirribikes). With the times in which the Finisher Stage has been closed, Fischer is the winner of the edition. After the abandonment of Galicia the cajón varies being the second the Portuguese Ana Antunes.

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