Espanyol also cries Reyes, an irreverent genius

He played 23 games and scored four goals in the 2016-17 season with Quique Sánchez Flores: he left a great memory in the dressing room and at Espanyol.

It was the 2016-17 season when José Antonio Reyes signed for Quique Sánchez Flores' Espanyol, , Chen Yansheng's first project as president and owner of the club. The Madrid coach introduced some strict measures in the template, such as weighing before each session and point the result of the scale on a sheet that hung on the wall of the locker room. All the players followed this routine except one, José Antonio Reyes.

Poque did not matter to the genius of Utrera (1983-2019) the numbers, because his talent was not measured in kilograms but dressed in shorts and with a ball stuck to the foot. In that campaign, and although he only played 23 games, the Sevillian playmaker left samples of his quality and a mark in the locker room and in the club, and that, because of his veteran and extensive career, he acted irreverently, always a free verse in the template.

To remember, in one of the most celebrated comebacks in Cornellà-El Prat, his match before curiously Betis, his sports rival. It was March 31, 2017 when Reyes left a great goal in the newspaper library of the parakeet stadium. He jumped into the field in the 55th minute and Betis took the lead. But the genius of Utrera gave the return to the scoreboard in just five minutes, participating in the play of 1-1 that scored Javi Fuego and inventing a goal with the right and from outside the area that ran through the square of the green-and-white goal .

Accompanied by his father, who went to training, the player was a flash in the season of Espanyol, but his talent left some of the best moments of that season. The parakeet club and the players have been dismayed by the news and have expressed their condolences for this irreparable loss.

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