Elizegi, by Fernando Llorente: "My team goes well with 'nines'"

The president of Athletic also spoke about the 'Operation Oikos': "The matter of the fixes is sad, it is a very serious matter, we must recover the prestige".

Aitor Elizegi, president of Athletic Club, said today in Madrid after picking up from the Students Club the Values of quarry prize that the alleged match makers in the football league "are very serious and cause sadness" and stressed that "sport and cheating have to be dissociated. " " It's a sad moment, all clubs and athletes are involved in the image they have in a competition in which we all participate and the prestige of something as beautiful as sport is at stake, today we have talked about sports and values , and among them is the effort to achieve the ends, but without shortcuts ".

La" Oikos Operation "that investigates the possible matches of matches in Spanish football, has produced" sadness "in the president of Athletic, who advocates the work and commitment " to win and develop as a person". "It is a subject that causes me sadness, we must recover the prestige of sport with days like today, re-bet on the foundational, strengthen the tension of daily work, commitment" .

Questioned about his position as president If a player of his club were involved in a similar plot, Elizegi made it clear that cheating and sports should not come together in the same way. "My message is clear: sport and match and trap have to be dissociated.I am not a judge but there is only one way in sports. Faced with these very serious events, I send a message not to stop for a result, the values are others" .

After receiving the Prize for the values of quarry in the V Gala We are all Students by the Madrid club of basketball, Elizegi showed his gratitude. "For me, this award is very proud. With Students we are united by the most important, a common dream, the commitment to ours, we try to make it possible for the children of our fans to become athletes, even professionals. meets close to home is also a circular economy, also a truth, an intersection, family.This is how the environment of an athlete's dream is rounded off ".

Elizegi commented that his club signs every year," but at Bilbao Athletic, in Lezama , in Bizkaia, and in the nearby territory ". The president of Athletic did not rule out signing "anyone who has been in the quarry and who wants to return, since those who were made in this house know that they always have their doors open" .

No, Elizegi did not refer to the possibility of recovering Fernando Llorente, since his team "is fine of nines and I hope that one of them has the gift of the goal, which is also important in this sport". Elizegi made it clear who is the number 1 player of Athletic Club. "The Athletic fans are not the 12th player, they are the number 1. We do not have a better possible signing, that is, we could not sign them in any way.With no checkbook, we would find 46,000 members of this level, we have the best team in the tier. world ".

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