Dumoulin and Van der Poel could share equipment

The company that owns Sunweb has bought the company Corendon. The movement has unleashed the rumors, although at the moment it is a business movement.

It's a business movement, for now, but in Holland is already fantasizing about the possibility that Tom Dumoulin and Mathieu van der Poel can share equipment next season. The rumor has jumped after Triton, company owner of Sunweb (sponsor of the World Tour team), has acquired Corendon, company that sponsors the team with which the cyclocross world champion and great revelation of the first part of the season .

After the announcement of the purchase (both are travel agencies) has not yet announced the consequences it will have on the cycling equipment. In the vortex of rumors that have broken out in Holland, it is assured that the two squads (the Corendon-Circus is professional Continental) could merge , since it is not expected that having the same owner sponsor two different teams. In spite of this, nothing is official yet because the managers of Sunweb and Coredon-Circus have only talked about the transaction from the business point of view.

Photos from as.com
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