Dudamel: "Our illusion is getting stronger every day"

The national coach held a press conference with representatives of the media prior to the first meeting in Venezuela.

Everything is ready for Vinotinto to face this Saturday night in Ecuador, the first match of preparation for the Copa América Brazil 2019, which will begin in two weeks.

A late afternoon on this Friday and before Realizing the recognition of the field of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the strategist Rafael Dudamel spoke about the actuality of the group, the final call to the continental contest and analyzed his closest rival to face, which he described as an "honor" to do so .

" It is a selection of the highest level and today directed by Professor Hernán Darío. Facing Ecuador 15 days before the start of Copa América is feeling that we have already begun to compete because we know the demand of the game, "he said.

Following the list of players that will be available for this commitment, not only do we think about the possibility of empowering those who will represent the Vinotinto in the Copa America, but also create an internal competition for the next performances on the FIFA date of September, October and November or in the pre-Olympic.

"Since our planning is also, In addition to preparing a base for the team that will play in Copa America, is to continue to strengthen a base of players in the immediate future ", said the strategist.

Además announced that of the players who will play tomorrow, several of them will have their return to Venezuela and the rest will join their colleagues in Atlanta to think about the match against Mexico.

1 111111Feltscher session

In the case of the injury of the defender coming from LA Galaxy in the United States and who will be present with the national team in the contest, Rafael Dudamel assured that he had a conversation with the team and selection doctors and could recover for be on par with the group in a week and a half.

"That incident of Rolf Feltscher was raised earlier this week. He has done all the evaluations and has a degree I tear in his abductor in the left leg ", also indicated the importance of his presence in the call because" is a player with polyfunctionality, which plays any of the four positions in defense . It is a privilege that can hardly be discarded ".

Recuperado Peñaranda

Adalberto Peñaranda is present in the final list after overcoming the inconvenience with which he would have reached the concentration, being a player who has one hundred percent support from of the technical body.

"Adalberto (Peñaranda) has demonstrated its capacity over time, we know its conditions. The ideal thing is that he could have a continuity in his club, but that is not the present in Watford. We hope you know how to define your future very well and do not continue to give yourself the luxury of wasting your time. We have seen it physically well, "he said.

Aclaratoria on the case Soteldo

The option of Yeferson Soteldo could not be specified by a visa issue and finally the national coach opted for Peñaranda, however, all possible arrangements were made so that this I could travel to the United States. On this, Rafael Dudamel wanted to clarify:

" Today, one day after the closing of registrations for Copa America, we have been informed that Yeferson has been given his visa. A procedure that we were unaware of his club was performing, in the instance of emergency to realize that it was not on the list of 23. I want to note that he could not attend the first possibility that we as a Federation we managed, for training, prior to a game. In a second option of the visa, it was rejected and in a third option made yesterday, even reaching higher levels of the government of Brazil, managed to reach the embassy and approved it today. We are happy that this situation has been resolved with Yeferson because since last year we played here against Colombia, we had this problem. They approved it for 10 years and now they can rest easy in the next matches ", he explained.

Also, he reiterated that if the list of 23 players was not delivered in time the Conmebol would have imposed a fine of 150,000 and" if there is a Federation in the world that is not for that luxury is ours ".

Sleep Vinotinto

The Venezuelan football news invites you to dream about big things, however it is something that has been worked for years. " What is happening today with the national team and our players is not only the stage under Rafael Dudamel. Hopefully tomorrow, God will know when our cycle ends, we can leaver a grain of sand más ".

Reiterando addition that: " today our illusion is every day stronger, bigger and real for the present of our players ".

Finally, the selection has been working in US territory for two weeks and that has created an optimal environment to be in the best possible conditions in the absence of 15 days for the competition.

"The intensity with which they have trained makes me feel that we are going to get very well. The important thing is that we reach that level of lucidity at the top so that regardless of the initial eleven, when we need them to one or the other, they are all in good shape ", closed.

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