Drama and controversy: Durant only holds 12 minutes and the audience jelly his new injury

It shined in the first quarter and gave hope to the Warriors, but it fell in the second. Ibaka and Lowry asked the audience not to celebrate.

Maximum tension, how could it be otherwise, in a memorable fifth game of the 2019 Finals, which could have been the final in the fight for the ring between Raptors and Warriors and a marked start duel, in addition, for the return Kevin Durant, who had not played since the fifth game against the Rockets (May 9) for a right leg muscle injury.

The forward, who could not play either the final of the West or the first four games of the fight for the ring, returned in the fifth with his team forced to win (3-1 against) and as a possible miracle factor of some Warriors who seemed cruelly separated from their dream of taking the third consecutive ring and the fourth in five years before of their brilliant final reaction that allowed them to force the sixth game, back in the Bay. And for some minutes, it seemed that the MVP of the last two Finals had returned on time: with very good feelings apparently, played almost 12 minutes (11:57) in which he added 11 points with a 3/3 in triples. The Warriors dominated the home game and won 34-39 when, at 9:46 of the break, Durant could not continue. He stopped short and went to the ground after trying to dribble Ibaka. His attempt to help the Warriors, between polemics on whether or not he could have returned earlier, ended like this. At least, the forward made it clear that his injury was really serious enough and his commitment to his team maximum, regardless of what happens from now on, since it is obvious that this unfortunate action of the injury may be the last, According to many indications, in which he is seen in the uniform of the Warriors.

Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala accompanied the tunnel of dressing rooms to a destroyed Durant, and soon it was confirmed that the right leg was injured again and that the match and Surely the Finals (except miracle) had ended for him, pending tests to know the extent of the new mishap.

No controversy was missing: at the time of the injury, hubo cheers and applause in the stands, a gesture that was quickly rejected by the Raptors themselves. The Spanish Serge Ibaka, Kyle Lowry and Herbie Kuhn, the speaker of the Raptors, were the first to ask the stand not to celebrate The injury of a rival. Even, apparently, the amateur who launched the mockery was removed from the pavilion. Finally, the public did fire mostly with respect and applause (in this case tribute) to Durant when he was removed from the track in the play that could definitely mark the 2019 Finals of the NBA.

A matter that did not muddy what was finally a dramatic and fantastic match, resolved at the last minute with the triple of the Warriors, who looked like mortally wounded, and the final failure of Kyle Lowry on the horn. A shock that will go down in the history of the NBA Finals. And on Thursday (03:00 Spanish time), the sixth.

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