"I do not think about stopping, I still have something to do in Ferrari"

The German meets the rumors that place him far from the Scuderia and F1 and hopes to change the course already in the Canadian GP.

Other season plus the results are not even close to what was expected and the slab that Vettel holds over his head every time weighs more. While all the options of possible victories escape him between the fingers falling in the hands of Mercedes, the German verifies with impotence like the critics on his yield and the doubts on his future abound everywhere. Some see Ferrari getting rid of him, others see Seb himself giving up ... What would happen if his seat stayed free? Well it seems that we will soon know ...

Y is that Vettel has come to the step of everything that is being discussed and ensures that he has no intention of leaving the Scuderia or Formula 1. "I have no plans to stop. in F1 and I have something to do in Ferrari ", says to 'Auto Bild'. That 'something to do' is to win a red dress, starting with a win this year, and Montreal seems like the right moment to do it: "We want to try everything again this season to get a change and the Canadian GP should be the beginning ".

He hopes that together, he and his team will be able to overcome the biggest problem they are having: finding the optimum performance in the Pirelli. "Our cars are good, but we are still getting to know them, what is more difficult for us this season is finding the best way to work tires, that has been better for others, we are learning every day and that knowledge also benefits us for build the car for the next season. " As you can see, Vettel also thinks of a 2020 in red.

Photos from as.com
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