Dembélé returned to roll in the final of the final copera

During that week the Frenchman went late to a training session. The club has already told you that if it does not change you will be placed in this market.

Ousmane Dembélé it seems that he has not yet had enough with the zascas of his teammates and club notices about his acts of indiscipline. The most well-known and public was in December last year when the player missed a training without even notifying, being located a few hours later and made the excuse that he was indisposed.

Well, it seems that Dembélé has not finished assimilating the message of the club nor the one of its companions. And is that, as you may have known AS, the player has arrived late to more than one training after that slip. Obviously without the seriousness of not showing up at the Ciudad Deportiva.

No doubt has helped that the French international has been injured so many months this season, since working outside the group dynamics is much more difficult to control their schedules. In any case, the drop that returned to exceed the glass occurred during the week of Copa final against Valencia, when the player returned to be absent at the scheduled time of training, arriving much later. The excuse adduced by Dembélé is that he had permission because he was recovering with a separate physiotherapist, but the fact is that the schedule set for that day was the same for all the staff members.

In fact, all the initiatives that the club has activated to control and supervise his life outside the Sports City have been doomed to the most absolute failure.

In any case, Valverde decided to pass once again page about this act of indiscipline, aware that sooner or later he will have to take action on the matter . The club has already done it: it informed to its surroundings a few days ago that they were not arranged to that this situation was cronificadora, sending a clear ultimatum to him that if it does not change of attitude they will put it in the market.

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