Del Potro presents candidacy

The one of Tandil was recovered of any physical problem and gave a class of tennis before Thompson, to which it defeated in three sets. Kachanov or Klizan in eighths.

Just 48 hours ago, Juan Martín del Potro suffered a setback in his game against Nishioka. It seemed like a simple misstep, but the gestures of pain made the Argentine fans and the tennis fans in general stop breathing. I surpassed those problems and took the duel, but in the head and the heart of all the doubt was imbedded: how would I get to the duel against Jordan Thompson of the third round? Would I condemn him again for the curse of injuries?

Ni much less. Delpo showed us again that you can not doubt him. He went out to the Simonne Mathieu as a champion would do it. With his head held high and his step steadfast, showing that he is ready to beat anyone. From the first points he made it clear to the American that he was not going to be able to handle him. Variety of hits and confidence to reach each ball. Not a single trace of a supposed physical problem that did not exist in the head of Juan Martín. As soon as he broke to play, he found no opposition (6-4, 6-4 and 6-0)

There were no cracks in him, which soon despaired of Thompson. He broke the first game of the game and, although he returned it later, he turned with a contrabreak. Like the great tennis players, knowing when to press. With enough knowledge of the game to know that the important thing is not to win all the points, but the decisive ones. And although the American was able to counter Del Potro in the first set, it was less in the second and it was finished sinking in his own desperation in the third.

The match ended with a 6-0 Delpo. A set that is a message to the rest of the candidates. The Tower of Tandil is in Paris to win Roland Garros. It is true that it is not its surface and that its physical condition is still not 100% but in the face of adversity is when it becomes stronger. In the next round he will have the first level test: Kachanov must defeat Klizan, but he assumes himself as a rival in the second round.

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