Davis case: the chronology of a soap opera ... about to close?

Since the star asked for the transfer in February, the 'Anthony Davis case' has been one of the biggest soap operas the league has lived in recent months.

The Anthony Davis case. So you can define one of the biggest soap operas the NBA has lived in recent months. It had been a while since the North American League had so many rumors and leaks about the future of a player. The star has been one of the centers of attention of the competition since he requested the transfer at the end of last January, and not even the Finals have managed to make the power forward stop being a protagonist.

The chronology of the case contains a intense rumor mill that has left on the way broken negotiations, disgruntled teams, amateurs full of uncertainty and even dismissals. Since Davis reached the NBA in 2012, the player has been improving his numbers year after year to establish himself as one of the best professionals in the League. This has meant that, at the time he requested the transfer, many teams put all their cards on the table to be able to get their services.

At the moment, the player is still in New Orleans, although the Lakers, who have always been the most bid for the star, are approaching the longed for transfer . Next, we have the chaining of the facts of a case that has mixed soap opera, leaks and controversy.

Of the playoffs of 2018 to the sinking of the Pelicans

The beginning of the case we could establish it in the last season. Before 2018 and since Davis came to the NBA in 2012 (when the Pelicans were the Hornets), the basketball player had only played the final phase in 2015, when they fell to a W (by a resounding 4-0) that were starting their particular dynasty. In Golden State, Alvin Gentry was Steve Kerr's assistant. It was his last year with those of La Bahía before heading to New Orleans.

The power forward would continue to improve their numbers and adding All Stars, but did not return to the final phase in a franchise that was drifting and that did not with the key on the market until two years ago, when they started taking steps in the right direction. DeMarcus Cousins was acquired in 2017 and the following year they added Rajon Rondo to their ranks. The union of the tall men was paying off, but the center injured the Achilles tendon in the moment but left the team in embers.

Since, the team trained by Alvin Gentry did not get upset. He reached the playoffs, swept the Blazers in the first round and advanced to the semifinals of the West with a stellar Davis and a Rondo that reminded him of his best days in the Celtics. They fell to the Warriors, but there were reasons to dream about the Pelicans. Or so it seemed. Cousins set course for the Warriors after his injury and Rondo went to the Lakers in a summer in which Davis broke with his agent and left with the LeBron (Rich Paul), a fact that did not go unnoticed in the Liga.

The team started the regular season with 4 wins in a row, but it was a mirage. Then they chained 6 defeats and as the season progressed the options of playing the eliminatory for the title were moving away more and more. Davis was injured on his finger on January 18 and had two weeks off. Ten days later, on January 28, the bomb exploded. Davis, who was averaging more than 29 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists, asked for the transfer to the franchise.

From February to June: the soap opera

The news marked a before and after during the season. One of the biggest stars of the League also became one of the most sought after. Suddenly, Davis became the center of attention and the biggest attraction of the moment. The petition arrived only a few days before the closing of the transfer market, which would take place on February 7. The player had had enough of being in a losing franchise, and the years passed without having options to fight for the ring.

Everything pointed to the desire of the star was to land in the Lakers and wanted to force their exit as soon as possible to be able to do it in that same campaign (purple and gold still had playoff options at that time). The next day, these rumors gained strength to know that Davis would not want to go to Boston because he thought Kyrie wanted to leave. Before, Durant had given his particular blessing to the star: "Do what you want, our career is short." At that time it was already known that the Pelicans would be willing to negotiate with the Angelenos.

The following hours were an earthquake in the League. It was even said that Klay Thompson would head to Hollywood in the summer (he would end the contract) if Davis was heading to Los Angeles. On the other hand, the Knicks, capped, were postulated as another of the teams that could be done with power forward . RumorolThis intensified while the NBA sanctioned the player for requesting the transfer through Rich Paul.

The next few days were chaos. The Celtics were trying to muddle the possible transfer with the Lakers by promising a blank check for summer , but Davis's father counterattacked by saying there was no loyalty in Boston. Considering that perspective and the difficulty of the green ones to negotiate at that moment for the star, in New Orleans there was only one option left. Sitting down to talk to the Lakers.

There entered two important figures who would then pay for the broken plates of what would be a doomed negotiation: Dell Demps and Magic Johnson. The Lakers tightened, then the negotiation stalled. Again the Celtics counterattacked and it was known that they would be willing to part with Tatum ... in summer.

The total chaos just between those days, in the hours before the closing of the transfer market. The leaks began to happen: Magic offered everyone the young core of the Lakers (Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram ...) and some veteran (like Rondo) for Davis. The Pelicans stood and said no. The closing of the transfer market arrived and the star did not move from New Orleans.

The following months were more traumatic if possible. Davis came back from his injury with a minute restriction: the franchise did not want him to be injured before the summer, when he would be back in the market. He was received among the boos of his audience. Days later, Dell Demps was fired. In the Lakers, the situation was even worse. The young players, very demeaned in the moral to see how their names sounded as transferable for days, sank. They ran out of playoffs.

To curl more curl, LeBron chose Davis for his team in the All Star, Danny Ainge assured the arrival of the forward on July 1, Magic accused the Pelicans of acting in bad faith in negotiations, David Griffin was hired by the franchise of New Orleans as vice president of operations ... all a soap opera of which leaks continued during the following months.

The Lakers re-tighten and approach the transfer

With the start of the playoffs, the rumors ceased momentarily and the subject it went into the background. Until a few days ago. The Kinicks and the Celtics reappeared in the equation, but again the Lakers were the ones who ran as favorites to take on the player. Before all that, Magic Johnson resigned in the Lakers, causing a new earthquake in the NBA and then slitting of Rob Pelinka or Jeannie Buss and his way of directing the franchise.

Since, it seems that Pelinka himself has been the one it has made the conversations return to be fruitful. This time with David Griffin in front. Two totally different actors in a situation that, being similar to the previous one, had certain advantages for the Angelinos.

There are several facts that reinforce this theory: first, that the Lakers have the most to offer in the face of the transfer. And second, that the Pelicans are running out of time. They have already reminded him. As their demands remain so high, in the end they will eat a player who ends up in contract in 2020 and who will be a free agent. If they reach that extreme, it will come out for nothing. They either accelerate and lower their expectations, or they will run out of chips in the face of a new reconstruction.

Wojnarowski reported that in New Orleans they were looking for an All Star, a player with projection to become one and at least two first rounds of the draft. However, they seem to have finally lowered their demands. Pelinka has offered Lonzo, Ingram and pick 4 of the next lottery. They do not want to give Kuzma also , although it seems that it is more a negotiating tactic to stand up than a red line. Woj has updated his information in the last hours and has said that the Lakers are close to take over the services of the former Olympic champion in London 2012.

Brian Windhorst, of ESPN, has said that the player has given instructions to finish in Los Angeles . Rich Paul, the player's agent, has made it clear that if the star goes to Boston, he would fulfill his contract year, but that he would go to free agency the following year. In other words: Davis wants to go to Los Angeles yes or yes. The Celtics doubt. They are not interested in giving so much for a star that, however good it may be, they will have to release months later.

It seems that, now, the Lakers are very close to getting Anthonny Davis. Surely in the coming days there will be new inormations with the star as epicenter. However, everything points to us approaching the end of one of the biggest soap operas that the NBA has lived in recent times.

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