D'Angelo Russell could be the substitute for Ricky in the Jazz

According to the latest information, the base will have several suitors for the summer. The Wolves, the Magic, and above all, the Pacers, are also candidates.

The next transfer market is approaching and teams refine their weapons to reinforce their templates for the season 2019/20. With the Finals still in play, you have to wait until June 30 at 00:00 (Spanish time) to start conversations with the players. Meanwhile, is illegal to establish contact with the stars of the League (or to refer to them in any way, that they say it to Doc Rivers), although that does not prevent rumors about the interest of the franchises by certain players from firing during these dates.

One of the men who will be most appreciated during the month of July will be D'Angelo Russell. The base of the Nets has exploded definitively this season and is one of the favorites (along with Pascal Siakam) to take the Most Improved Player award. The great level shown during the campaign, which has gone to 21 points and 7 assists and has been All Star, allows the former Lakers to be one of the biggest attractions for the transfer market.

According to Shams Charania in The Athletic, one of the teams interested in taking over Russell's services are the Utah Jazz. Recently, Ricky Rubio stated that the Salt Lake City franchise has let him know that it is not a priority. Already in February there was speculation about a possible transfer that included Conley and in which the Spanish would be involved, something that ultimately did not happen. The departure of the playmaker, who ends contract and will be a free agent, allows the team led by Quin Snyder to release salary, pose new challenges and launch for a big shot in free agency, which could be the own Russell.

One of the things that we have been saying in recent times about the Jazz is the possibility that they seek to strengthen the team through the position of one. Ricky has established himself as a solid player of the squad, but, although it has never been the problem of a team that still has a lot of development ahead, it has not been the solution either. The hypothetical arrival of Conley in his day, or the possibility of Russell joining the group, would be good news for Utah and would improve, a priori, the level of the template.

Pacers, Magic and Wolves also pretend to base

The Jazz not they are the only ones who want the services of the base, and Charania has added the Pacers, the Magic and the Wolves as candidates to take over the player. It seems that, of these three teams, Indiana would be the most interested in Russell. The team led by Nate McMillan needs a solid shooter (D'Angelo has reached this season at 37% in triples) and someone who increases the offensive pace and reinforces the attack beyond Oladipo. The only doubt will be how to empanetrate these two stars. Both need the ball, and it is possible that the template is reinforced by a more defensive playmaker capable of pairing with other Eastern Conference greats in that position (Kyle Lowry, Kyrie Irving ...). Mike Conley could also be a good profile for them. And even Ricky himself.

The Magic need a foundation for the future and could be an option if Markelle Fultz still does not start. Also the Wolves, which however seem the least likely option. In Minnesota they need to reinforce the young nucleus so they do not fall apart, something that has happened to them over and over again since Kevin Garnett left the team ... in 2007.

Will the Nets fight to keep Russell?

The logical thing is to think so. D'Angelo has a qualifying offer that in Brooklyn can make effective so that the base becomes restricted free agent. Recall that the young star is in his fourth year as a professional and did not get the extension of contract rookie, so if your current franchise carries out this operation (something they can do until the transfer market begins), they can match any offer you receive in free agency.

Another possibility would be that the Nets decided not to carry out this option. In this case, Russell would become a free agent without restrictions and could negotiate with any team, including his still team, during the month of July. After the great season that has set it would be a surprise that in Brooklyn decided not to run the qualifying offer to have the opportunity to retain the basketball player.

In one way or another, we must see what kind of offer the player receives. It is still a risk to offer a maximum contract to Russell, who despite having exploded this season, did not finish finding his best version in his first three campaigns as a professional, in addition to falling prey to injuries. Of course, there are a lot of equipmentNecessities of men of the future and D'Angelo would fit very well in them. It will be necessary to see therefore if the qualifying offer is executed first, if some franchise offers the maximum later, and if the Nets end up matching that offer.

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