Curry and Klay silence Toronto with triples and force the sixth

The two players signed 57 points and decided in the last positions. Marc, from more to less. Kawhi's final pull was not enough.

The Warriors come out alive from the death trap that the Scotiabank Arena had for them. 3-1 down, being very inferior during the whole eliminatory, with a team opposite playing a thousand wonders, a public delivered and Durant leaving lame when it seemed that it was going to be a differential factor. A all that overcame the still champions, who refuse to give the crown to some Raptors who played according to his plan but today fell short.

In the beginning not even the three snipers of the Warriors at full capacity changed the pace of the Raptors, who have come up with a game plan up here and thought to win or die with him. 5/5 in triples to start. One of Curry, two of Klay and two of the reappeared Durant. That would make anyone tremble, would capsize teams with much more experience in these conflicts. We do not know what kind of plot he has made during the Nick Nurse season, but this group of players do not care about everything. Today he had to attack the area, first with Marc (15 points at halftime) and then with Ibaka (7 in 7 minutes) .

Only we had to wait for the triples to stop entering, because if the Raptors played as a team with a plan , the Warriors did it as a group of stars in a hurry. And the house of cards seemed to fall a 9:46 from the end of the second quarter. Durant tried to dribble in a one on one to Ibaka and in a turn he went to the ground by himself. Hand first to the back of the foot, then to the front, on the calf. He stood up but could not take a single step. Iguodala and a member of the coaching staff each took him on one side to the dressing room, with Curry behind following with his head down. He left the field with all the rivals applauding and encouraging him and with all the steps singing "¡KD!" after having applauded the injury in its great majority.

The absence of Durant surprised the Raptors more than the Warriors, as if the latter knew that they were going to have to play without him. Cousins came out, who until then had not played anything, and linked 9 points and 5 rebounds in just 6 minutes. But the locals, little by little, like the worker ants, returned to balance the duel. This time with VanVleet in conference finals modeling triple and Kyle Lowry throwing the team on his back when the storm worsened in the third quarter, with the Warriors 14 up. The triples threatened to sink the Canadian ship, where nobody who was not named VanVleet or Marc got a single shot of three. On the other side, the success was tremendous. They finished with 20 / 42.

A 5 minutes from the end Kawhi Leonard, who was half gone, linked 10 points in four plays in the style of Jordan or Kobe that seemed to kill the game. But since then only Lowry was going to add two more points. The Raptors were blocked and in front of Klay (with two triples) and Curry (with another stratospheric) they punished. They have been in a thousand battles and although tonight they were on the edge of the abyss did not feel the pressure that suddenly came to his rival, perhaps for the first time in the entire series. The guard signed 26 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. The base, 31 + 8 + 7. They may not have Durant, maybe not Looney (who was also injured), but the 'Splash Brothers' do not hand over their weapons without fighting until the last minute. On Thursday they have another match ball, but now nerves will begin to turn little by little towards the Raptors.

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