"The criticisms about Ibra were unjustified, they were not right"

Pablo Blanco, coordinator of the Sevilla youth academy, insists that the Sevilla youth has everything in order and highlights his talent.

Pablo Blanco, coordinator of quarry of Sevilla, presented his view on the controversy arising around the figure of Ibra, the alevín of the Nervion team that caught the attention in the tournament of LaLiga Promises last week: "The criticism was unjustified. First of all because they have to know that the boy has all the papers in order and he has been in Spain for 5 years.He was born in Dakar, which is an important city, the capital of Senegal, so the doubts ... They were not right. barbarian ".

Blanco insists on words for this newspaper about the characteristics of the player, one of the most talented of the current Sevilla youth academy:" Technically he is very good, he handles both legs well, he is agile and fine. Sevilla) is as tall as he and other players from other teams, but he got attention because he did a lot of good things. "

Insiste Pablo Blanco in the context surrounding the player: "Another detail is the Andalusian accent that has. He arrived in Malaga at the age of 7 and is fully adapted to Andalusian customs. His cousin is also with us. "Sevilla has already left in recent days in defense of its footballer after the criticism received on social networks.

Photos from as.com
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