Cerezo a Llorente: "We know that your commitment is absolute"

The president of Atlético de Madrid welcomed the new Atletico player, Marcos Llorente. "He is an extraordinary signing with a great present."

Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid, accompanied Marcos Llorente in his debut as new Atlético de Madrid player. The Atletico leader praised the qualities of the new 14 colchonero. "He is a player with a magnificent career, debuted with 21 years in the first and was key in the Alavés, reaching the final of the Copa del Rey. He was the soccer player of the League that more balls recovered and was a fix in the Sub-national Team. 21. "

He did not want to forget the family inheritance either. "He is from Madrid, belongs to a saga of magnificent athletes and his grandfather and his father wore the shirt of Atletico. There are many virtues: anticipation, intuition, arrival, punching and goal. It is an extraordinary signing with a great present and a promising future ".

" We know that your commitment to your new club is absolute, we know that you will strive to achieve the objectives, we face a season with many changes and you have already conveyed to us the illusion with which you face the future. club, the hobby will be delivered with you and we only ask you for effort, I sacrifice and we hope to achieve many successes with your contract ", concluded Cerezo, before giving the floor to Llorente.

Photos from as.com
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