Carlos Sastre and the Cobo case: "Matxin is unpresentable, I do not believe anything about him"

In declarations to El Confidencial, the former cyclist from Ávila charged hard against his former director. On the Cobo case: "I can not believe it."

The disqualification of Juanjo Cobo in the Vuelta a España of 2011, where he climbed to the top of the podium, due to anomalous values in his biological passport uncovered the guts of the Geox team, then led by Joxean Fernández 'Matxin'.

A Root of this case and asked by El Confidencial, the former cyclist Carlos Sastre, who hung the bike after that last season in the Geox, he charged harshly against the Basque coach, currently UAE Emirates manager of the UCI World Tour. "Matxin is unpresentable, I spent a year in his team and he still owes me money, I do not believe anything about him or Mauro Gianneti (former Geox manager) Matxin is a person who sells smoke, I do not care. you have a signed contract and then you do not fulfill it ... I do not have any appreciation because it is not honest, "said the abulense.

Sastre shared team at the Geox with Juanjo Cobo and told El Confidencial his surprise at the accusation of doping towards the Cantabrian "I had not heard anything before and this comes out eight years later, it seems a lot to me, I do not know what happened, I do not believe it, from Cobo no. He's a great guy, a great person. Menchov started as team leader, but Cobo arrived calm and confident, I gave him a hand to win. "

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