Carapaz: a height champion

His victory in the Giro 2019 will sow enthusiasm in Ecuador, where the biotype is perfect for cycling. Richie grew up in Carchi, at almost 3,000 meters. And that gives wings.

Until recently, if I was asked by deportistas de Ecuador, two names came to my head: the extenista Andrés Gómez, winner at Roland Garros 1990, and the former Jefferson Pérez, Olympic gold and triple world champion. Gomez we remember the eighties because he rivaled, and also made a pair in doubles, with Emilio Sánchez Vicario, which we followed the circuit before Bruguera reopened the doors of Paris to enter them Moyá, Ferrero, Albert Costa and a whirlwind called Nadal. Jefferson was also very aware of him, already in the 90s, because Spain a is going a long way and was the rival to beat, which was rarely beaten. A year ago Richard Carapaz emerged, winner of a stage and fourth overall in Italy. And at the end of Giro 2019 has entered forever in the santoral.

A just 26 years old, Carapaz is already an illustrious athlete of Ecuador and the world peloton, where he still has a long journey. His solid conquest of pink jersey augurs him more successes, and his spectacular way of understanding the bicycle projects a huge following. Cycling was not one of the main sports of his country, in contrast with his neighbor Colombia, but his victory in el Giro will sow a hobby of which will not take long to collect fruits. There is nothing better than a reference for a sport to grow in any country, big or small. In this case, in addition, biotype is perfect for cycling, to climb the great mountains and to recover from the efforts thanks to its natural adaptation to altitude. Carapaz has been raised in Carchi, at more than 3,000 meters. And that gives wings to cyclists.

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