Carapaz assures that Mikel Landa was key for the triumph of the Movistar Team

The Ecuadorian cyclist, upon his arrival in Quito, assured that Mikel Landa had been key to maintaining the 'pink jersey' until the end.

Ecuadoran cyclist Richard Carapaz, winner of the Giro d'Italia 2019, said on Monday in Quito that his teammate, the Spanish Mikel Landa, was a key piece for the triumph of the Movistar Team in test.

Landa "It has also been key key so we can have the pink for more days, "remarked Carapaz who kept the lead from stage 14 to the end (stage 21), to take the trophy" Senza Fine ".

For el Ecuadorian, the Alava is" a man with plenty of experience in running big laps, "which represents" a lot " for runners who have not had that kind of history. "He conveyed to us the confidence that we were well as a team", because all of its members "died the skin" in each of the stages, underlined Carapaz, who today arrived in Quito and was received by a crowd that thanked his triumph in Italy.

"That alegría perdure, as the infinite," said the Ecuadorian cyclist in a press conference in which he said he was pleasantly surprised by the massive reception that his compatriots made him.

Having won the Giro de Italy, one of the most important cycling events, generates "an emotion that I still can not assimilate," he added, recalling that participating in the Giro was a sleep that had since childhood. "That euphoria, that fury" that occurs in The Giro "I love", in addition to the trophy to the winner that is delivered in that race is one of the most beautiful of this to discipline.

However, he admitted with humor, that the trophy pesa mucho and told that when he received it in Verona, after concluding the last time trial, he began "to sweat the weight he was carrying" when he carried it down the catwalk. "I'm going to make a very special place" at home, said Carapaz, whose name appears on the top of that cup, after all the champions of the Italian stage trial that has more than a century.

For the cyclist Carchi, his native province, the Giro won thanks to his good preparation, to the impulse he received from his team and the company that promotes, but also from that desire that is born from the heart and that motivated him to conquer one of Ecuador's most important sporting achievements.

"The locomotive of Carchi", as they also nickname "Richie", claimed, however, more support for sport in their country and said he was sure that Ecuador could become a "cycling power" if the public and private sectors strengthen their contingent so that children are more dedicated to sports.

Also referred to the prensa sports iva de his country, very dedicated to football, and he reproached him that he only knows "two or three things of cycling." However, Carapaz made a request to his country: "The best gift that Ecuador can give me is that when (the citizens) go on the road respect the rider". With this attitude, "the public will encourage new talent to go to the road" to practice the route with their bicycles, emphasized.

This Tuesday Carapaz has prevista participate in other tributes by the authorities of the country, and will be received by the Ecuadorian president, Lenin Moreno, and the mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda.

Carapaz will travel on Wednesday morning by plane to Tulcan, the capital of the province of Carchi, where the local authorities have prepared a great tribute in Olympic Stadium, before tens of thousands of fans.

Carapaz's victory in the Giro d'Italia has disengaged an enormous joy in Ecuador, an event that has gone beyond the borders, because the recognition of his achievement has been highlighted in other countries latinoamericanos, especially in the neighbor Colombia222222 2 where the young Ecuadorian cyclist began fraguar career.

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