Borja strips the daisy before the Betis offense

Chen will decide if he accepts the 28 million in installments or in full. There is a deficit of young forwards and with growth, the handicap of Espanyol if Borja leaves.

Borja Iglesias was called to be one of the protagonists of the summer, desired by several clubs due to its clause of 28 million and his excellent performance in his debut in Primera (17 goals). And expectations have been fulfilled. Betis was the first club to be launched by the Galician striker. The Andalusians try to seduce Borja first, that at Espanyol lives an exciting situation at the sport level (he is comfortable and will play in Europe), but on the economic level his contract remains blocked: his salary is not very high and his improvement goes linked to an increase in clause, a circumstance that generates controversies and therefore has not been carried out.

Al aside from the conversations that Betis and the player's representatives have, the other part of the operation is the payment of those 28 million to Espanyol. The Betic club wants to use the same formula that the Blue and Whites used the previous season with the Celta, when after long negotiations they agreed to pay the ten million of their clause but in comfortable terms: 2.5 during four seasons. Betis wants to use a similar payment method once it has made a sale and has greater liquidity, although Espanyol could demand the full clause. Who makes this decision is President Chen Yansheng.

A waiting for the player to take a step forward to go to Betis or stay firm at Espanyol, in the club perico insist that they would invest half of the benefits generated by the sale (the Celta was left with 5% in case of transfer) in a spare, and express the difficulty they have today of finding a striker to occupy this void, taking into account that there is a deficit in football Spanish for young attackers. Borja Mayoral or En-Nesyri del Leganés are two attackers that fit in age, growth and price with what Espanyol wants, although it is still unknown if they are candidates.

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