Bartomeu plays it: all fronts open

With a split board, a designated sports director, a disputed coach, a questioned game model, an aging wardrobe, an angry hobby and an altered environment.

Josep Maria Bartomeu faces her penultimate season at the head of the conscious club that is in an authentic crossroads of its mandate. A new error or major misstep in its management would result in the real threat of a motion of censure from the environment or directly in the advance of an election where he could no longer stand to be fulfilling his second stage in the presidential chair.

La reality is that Bartomeu will not have anything easy in his fifth year at the helm of Barcelona. To begin with, it has manifest internal divisions in its board of directors - the decision to keep Ernesto Valverde alive these differences - that do not help at all to offer an image of unity and cohesion. In addition, the positioning movements of the 'dolphins' - the continuist candidates who want to run for the next election - do not help manage this situation with tranquility.

Your commitment to keeping Pep Segura at the helm of the sports management and Valverde as a coach of the first team have also raised blisters both within the club and outside. A Segura is indicated as responsible for the lack of identification of the club in the game model that was born with Johan Cruyff and was consecrated with Pep Guardiola. In fact, he has been one of the most questioned people in the club lately, but Bartomeu has been adamant in his continuity. Do not forget that this is a personal bet of the president, who brought him by the hand, from Liverpool, after winning the elections in July 2015.

In the same way, the continuity of Valverde, which was renewed in March of this year He has also raised many doubts, especially after suffering a new debacle in Europe. They doubt their ability to lead the revolution of a lowered wardrobe and with symptoms of aging. What is clear is that the firm bet of Bartomeu by the Extremadura coach is a jump without a net, because if things go badly given, the indicated would not be the coach but directly the box.

It is also surprising that the president meets in A player's house to talk about the season. As explained by the journalist Oriol Domènech, at the Club de la Mitjanit of Catalunya Ràdio, Bartomeu moved to the home of Leo Messi to probe him on some questions of the future. That the costume assumes this role does not leave either the executives or the directors of the club standing.

In addition some of the possible additions do not have the global consensus among the fans either. The arrival of Antoine Griezmann is generating a great division in all sectors of Barcelona. In fact, this division would have reached the locker room where some heavyweight would have manifested against.

And to top it off in the environment there is already some voice that begins to probe the possibility of a motion of censure. Former candidate Agustí Benedito sent a call through social networks to start the mobilization while former President Joan Laporta publicly confirmed this week his dislike of the path Bartomeu is taking in the management of the club. For his part, Víctor Font is still unstoppable with his long career in the elections of 2021.

So many fronts open for a season that is vital for Bartomeu and his continuity in front of the club. We must not forget that if the elections were finally advanced or a motion of censure triumphed, the now president could no longer appear after exhausting the two stages of his mandate. A hypothesis that worries and occupies the Blaugrana leader.

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