Barça tells Semedo that he does not go out, but there may be a case

Jorge Mendes presses for the operation to be done. The club knows that Atletico, as anticipated by As, intends and refers to the clause of 100 million euros.

There is a case Semedo. The club knew weeks ago of the interest of Atletico de Madrid that As advanced, but he let the right-back know that he was going to continue in the Barça club and that, in case he wanted to leave, he had to pay his clause rescission, which is 100 million euros. The club does not want to get rid of Semedo, except after the many doubts left by Sergi Roberto in the games against Liverpool in Anfield and in the final of the Cup. A Semedo was sorry not to be a starter in the tie against Liverpool.

Jorge Mendes , representative of Portuguese, has decided to force the machine and has spoken with the technical secretariat of the club to make it to Barca that the player is not satisfied with the minutes he has and wants to leave Barca. Also, play with the letter that Simeone wants at Atlético. To Mendes, of course, it is convenient for the operation to go forward to take its pinch. For now, Barça will play their cards. He has communicated to the player that follows and if he wants to leave come with the 100 million euros of the clause, but nobody escapes him that if there is a dizzy offer and he wants to leave, Semedo will leave because Barça needs liquid. Another thing is that later you have a headache to find a right lateral.

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