Barça is warned: the Verratti precedent

In July 2017, Barça forced the machine to try to sign him. Not only did he not succeed. The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, and Nasser Al Khelaifi activated Operation Neymar.

The first day D in the hypothetical operation return of Neymar to Barcelona (July 8, start of training of the PSG and its possible declaration of rebellion) transports the certain sense to the case that Barça lived with Marco Verratti in 2017. A laps with the debate of the style, and after the 4-0 in Paris and the elimination in Turin it was demanded in the Barça a return to soccer of touch. Barça had surrendered to the trident and after a first year with a triplet and a second double, in the third only won the Cup against the Madrid double. The ball no longer passed through the center of the field and the eyes were put on Verratti, blessed by Xavi himself, as a savior of the problems. The president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, fed the hope in his signing. A couple of encounters with Verratti in Formentera heated up the operation, which had a key date.

On July 7, his representative, Marco di Campli, surprised with an explosive statement in Il Corriere dello Sport: "Verratti is a prisoner of the emir of PSG. It is a matter of the emir of Qatar. He has unlimited financial availability, so not selling Verratti to Barça for 100 million euros has become a matter of pride ".

The PSG went into combustion and Verratti was immediately called up to coincide with the start of training . Verratti reprimanded his agent (whom he later abandoned after using it for that statement) and lowered his head asking for forgiveness in a video: "I saw the statements of my agent and I want to say that those are not my words, they do not speak for me. I want to apologize to everyone in the club, to the president, the fans and the teammates. I am happy here for having re-entered training, to be back and to start working again. I know that the club trusts me and I apologize once more. I do not speak much and I have a lot of respect for PSG. I am what I am thanks to PSG, so that's why I feel it deeply. They are not my words and they are a big mistake of him (by his agent) my agent and I hope it does not happen any more and that everyone is calm and focused in the work. I'll do my best for PSG. "

The story was not over there. Absolutely furious at what they considered a lack of courtesy of Barca for trying to sign Verratti behind him, the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, and Nasser Al Khelaifi launched the N bomb and began to secretly negotiate with the father Neymar his signing with PSG with an advantage. They did have a price to get the player. Neymar was a PSG player for 222 million euros and Verratti renewed his contract improving his record. Barça already knows who they play with.

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