Atleti: offered to UEFA to host another European final

UEFA congratulated Atlético for the Champions League final and was delighted with the Metropolitan Wanda. And Atlético responded: "We would love another final."

Atlético offered to UEFA so that the Wanda Metropolitano can host a new final of the Champions in the next years. The top body of European football was delighted with the final between Tottenham and Liverpool that was played in the Atlético stadium. The entity that chairs Cerezo won widespread recognition both from UEFA and from the two teams that played the final. The Madrid club received a lot of praise and took advantage of the situation to tell UEFA that they would not mind hosting a new European final.

El Atlético has a great international experience in this type of matches, who has had to prepare nine final (eight with the participation of Madrid team more than last June 1) in nine years. The leaders and managers of Atlético have already much experience in the finals and the relationship they have with the leaders of UEFA is excellent. The rectors of European football also praised the excellent behavior of the city of Madrid, as well as the whole transport issue. Both the Adolfo Suárez airport and the Madrid metro responded to an event such as the Champions final.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Wanda already adds a recognition of excellence. UEFA has awarded the recognition of 'Elite Stadium' , the highest distinction recognized by the European football agency in regard to sports venues.

To achieve this distinction you need to meet high standards of excellence. get this certificate, the Metropolitan Wanda has exceeded the highest requirements in terms of quality in the facilities for players and collegiate, playing field, changing rooms, lighting, parking area, bleachers, access, capacity, security control room, Seats VIP and hospitality areas, press center along with a grandstand for media, television studios and commentator posts, press room with large forum and an area equipped for the trailers of television operators.

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