Another problem for the Warriors: Green, on the verge of suspension

The Warriors have more problems than Durant, who is already fat in itself: Draymond Green is a technique to be sanctioned.

The Warriors are on the edge of everything in these 2019 Finals of the NBA, especially in the physical aspect and not only with the devastating injury of Kevin Durant but with what drag men like Curry, Thompson, Looney or Iguodala. They are also on the verge of defeat; they saved the first match-ball on Monday night in Toronto, but they have two more left if they want to repeat as NBA champions. In that fifth meeting there was another circumstance that perhaps has gone a little unnoticed, but that involves a great and, above all, empirical difficulty.

Draymond Green received a technique for protesting that may be important. He is sixth in the playoffs and the NBA regulations stipulate that there is an automatic suspension of a game without playing when the seventh is reached. If the Warriors want to win the Ring, they have two games they must win; if Green is pointed out a new technique in the sixth, he will miss the seventh whether he has it or not.

We have to travel until 2016 to understand the context of what this would mean because it is not a novel situation. On that occasion the Warriors won 3-1, the result that the Cavaliers managed to overcome and that involved all kinds of ridicule towards the Oakland. In the fifth game, Green was pointed out to be flagrant for beating LeBron James in the crotch, which led him to be suspended for the sixth game: the Warriors lost that, the next and the last, all three, and they let out the champion ring after their historic 73-9 in the regular phase, total record in the NBA.

Green is a safe value for coach Steve Kerr and more now that Durant is not. His versatility is one of the jewels in the crown of these Warriors, but his excessive vehemence leads him to be again in this situation limit.

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