Another match ball for some Warriors against their black legend

They want to go back 3-1, something that only they have done to them in 2016. They were the Cavaliers of LeBron, Irving, Love ...

The Golden State Warriors of Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are undoubtedly one of the best teams in history. His dominance in the last five seasons was not seen from the Celtics of the 60s. But we all have memories that we would like to forget, even the greatest champions. This group is in the Finals of 2016. With three games to play, they won 3-1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers and had the advantage of the field. Nobody had traced something like that. But to them, who had just finished signing the best regular season in NBA history (73-9) , it happened to them. The last three meetings were lost and the ring that seemed in their hands vanished on the way to Ohio.

Last Monday they lived a similar situation, but in this case on the loser side. The Raptors beat them 3-1, played at home and had been better than them throughout the whole heat. But the Warriors won, by a point and after seeing how Durant collapsed definitely because of an Achilles tendon injury. They brought out the best they have, the basis of all their great triumphs: an elite defense in industrial quantities and Curry and Klay in a state of grace. Tonight (03:00, #Vamos) want to extend the series and leave things a step away from emulating what they suffered three years ago. And they will do it in an Oracle Arena that will live the last game of its history in NBA. The old pavilion will be a pressure cooker to help your team tie the tie. A hotter atmosphere is expected if it fits the usual in one of the most pressing of the Liga.

The Raptors will have to counteract all its strength, including the Spaniards Marc and Ibaka, that in recent meetings have shone doing much damage in the area. In California Green you will have to control your temper. He has already been called six techniques so far in the playoffs and if he saw another he would miss the seventh game. And there are not those in Oakland to lose more players. Above all, if they want to finish laughing over the memory of their own black legend.

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