"I'm angry at the penalty seeing how well we're doing here"

The Madrilenian, solid fifth in the Free 2 without looking for fast laps and working the long runs: "Here the soft will not be so bad in the race."

Carlos Sainz will start from the back of the grid due to the sanction that implies having changed the power unit. A pity, taking into account that the performance of the McLaren MCL34 in Austria is promising considering the times of Madrid: "As you can imagine I'm not thrilled after seeing how well we're going to have to be penalized on Friday. We'll see if we're fifth in Silverstone in the Free 2. I had the car ready for the race and suddenly a lap I found that I was also very comfortable, I get a bit angry because I've always been comfortable here. " "There was good rhythm and good feelings, that makes me happy at the same time that it's a bittersweet day".

Classification Efforts: "It's no good tightening in qualifying because it conditions you that you can move to Q3 and get out with a used tire, leaving last yes or yes, it will be a boring day for me, it's the price we have to pay for the penalty. "

Conditions of the track: "They are curves in which there is a tailwind and we already know how the behavior of an F1 changes according to the direction of the wind, if you have face winds you do not need to brake and if you have face The car can become uncontrollable when it is gusting, like now. "

Long runs for Sunday: " I was surprised by the time because it was not a very good lap, I made a couple of mistakes and I was still fifth. we have to analyze the three tires we have tested today, here it is not so clear that the soft tire is bad for the race as in Paul Ricard, everything will have to be worked on ".

Photos from as.com
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