Alonso returns to the rest of Le Mans

The Spaniard starts the road to his second 24 Hours with the aim of achieving victory, winning the championship and say goodbye to Toyota in the WEC.

A few days in Switzerland, a little sport, the mind in other things, as for example his things of the young, the karting, the Formula Renault ... until he has clicked again and the new challenge in progress: 24 Hours of Le Mans. After the disappointment of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis begins Fernando Alonso again the goal of being better time in Le Mans Sabina would say. The Spaniard returns to the stage of his greatest successes in recent times, the world championship of Resistance and does so with the double goal of winning his second 24 Hours of Le Mans and proclaiming himself world champion of Resistance.

This Sunday is the first step, a collective test involving all the teams and cars that are registered with the fundamental intention of getting a good tuning of the car, prepare configurations and shoot, roll and roll in eight hours of free track that begin at nine the morning. There will be a special test for rookies that Alonso made last season.

Y as is the norm in these years the Toyota team is the top favorite of the 62 cars that will participate in the test. There were 75 requests in total and after an important selection process they have remained in 62. Recall that this road starts this June 2 and the race will be on the 16th of that same month, an appointment that should end with a sonrisa of genius Astur in his farewell to Toyota, at least in the World Resistance ...

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