Alexis: "Borja Iglesias, I wish we had that money now"

The maximum person in charge of the sports area of the Betis admits the difficulty to bring to the striker of the Espanyol: "During the summer, already it will be seen ...".

Alexis Trujillo is the coordinator of the Betis sports area since the departure of Lorenzo Serra Ferrer and the Canary did not hesitate to report on the verdiblanca news and interest in a footballer like Borja Iglesias in an interview in the official media: "Borja Iglesias? I wish we could have that amount available to make signings, but we do not have that economic power to go and pay that clause222222. Right now we do not have that possibility, during the summer, depending on whether there are exits or entries, we will see what economic muscle we can have. "

About the priority of signing a forward, it was clear: "It is a position that evidently demands reinforcements, players like Sergio León, Sanabria ... Juanmi came, who can play as a forward too. and priority, we must bring a player who is a reference in that position, one or two? We'll see, it's difficult and it's an expensive position. "

Salidas: "There are rumors of interest from several teams for our players, we must measure well what we can sell so as not to weaken the squad and serve as an economic muscle to sign whatever we want." We must be aware that we have a very competitive squad and of good level, there are points agreed with the technician on what we want to improve.There are situations that we would like but we can not go directly for them.There are things unattainable, although as the summer progresses we may have the opportunity to go for options that We have a budget and we will look for the most suitable profiles for the template ".

Rumors of offers:" There is talk of proposals and amounts that are not true today and they do not exist, it is true that there is interest in our players, but the numbers that appear are far from reality, I hope there are interesting movements for us " .

Plazos: "If we had that cash to go shopping, we would not have this problem. We believe that there are pieces that can reinforce us, but we need to wait to see if some of our players are paid at the fair value that we think is appropriate and that it helps to find what you want. It's like the cat that bites its tail, in football sometimes there is no time and you have to handle alternatives ".

Prisa with the striker:" By day 5 we already have Juanmi. We are working on several situations and approach positions with players that we think are interesting. But we are distant to reach an agreement. Hopefully that player arrives on that date, but it will not be easy ".

Catalina and Sánchez:" Comparisons in different years have never pleased me, it is unfair. And more when we already know the result that he gave that year. They are two guys who are very excited and want very much. They come to contribute their experience. You have to be patient. Now there are new tools that help to look for profiles, by itself they are not enough, but next to the people that there will be the necessary binomial. The idea is to get more people to control the maximum football market. "

Rubi:" I think we have made the right decision, the sensations that he has left us liked all the Betis. I talked a lot with him, we have to update him as much as he can, about the sport and the idiosyncrasy of the club. I think it will tune well with Betis and its fans. He is happy and we have agreed with him what efforts we must make to improve the workforce, we are going in the same direction ".

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