Álex Berenguer already knows that Athletic follows him closely

The operation is very difficult because of the high cost of the end. The Torino is going to pick up asking 10 million and the attacker charges 1.5.

Berenguer is still underlined in red on the agenda of Athletic Athletic Management and the coach of the first team, Garitano, that wants to shore up the bands with a versatile man like Navarre. A piece that can improve the current template. The problem, as already advanced AS, revolves around an operation that can be expensive because the Torino, connoisseur of the limited market of Ibaigane, is not going to get rid of the Navarrese end so easy.

El Athletic already tried to sign him, so unsuccessful, two summers ago, for the closure of Osasuna, which ended up referring to its clause of 9 million that it had then. In fact, relations with the club rojillo fractured definitively as soon as they signed another of their brightest homegrown players as the right-back Jesus Areso, previous payment of its 350,000 euros of shielding.

Berenguer logically ha has grown and now is the usual holder in the Torino, who paid for his benefits to the club red 5,5 million. He also signed that in the case of a future transfer to Bilbao, as Osasuna already suspected, he should pay 1.5 million. A theme that does not affect Athletic. It is not an antiAthletic clause because it does not prevent him from landing in Lezama, far from it, but an extra compensation that the Torino should pay.

Al Athletic interests him again, also vividly, although his operation seems complicated. Alkorta has not yet addressed the club that owns his rights. It also follows closely Oyarzun (Numancia). The Torino would not part with the end for less than 8 million, so the operation would be around 10. The Italian press echoed these figures these days. Berenguer, also, charges 1.5 million per season in Turin, and has a contract in force until 2022. He is not a cheap player, therefore. Álex came to Torino two seasons ago instead of Napoli, who also negotiated with Osasuna and whose bosom he was aiming until in an unexpected turn of the last minute he left the bid and ended up in the Turin team. This course, Berenguer has played left-handed or left-winger depending on the system used by his coach, with some beautiful goals.

Photos from as.com
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