Alert in the Warriors: Durant and Klay are doubts for the third; Looney, out of the finals

The Warriors come to Oakland with the tie tied against the Raptors and a major concern: the physical condition of several players in the squad.

Some time ago, and even more with reinforcements like those of Kevin Durant and, later, DeMarcus Cousins, that the Warriors are for the great majority the candidates par excellence to take control of the title of the NBA. And it did not matter the adversities they had in the form of casualties, because the amount of resources available and the effectiveness and ease of tracing adverse markers was and is common. Now, with the Finals (fifth consecutive) tied at 1 with the Raptors, face two straight games at Oracle Arena in Oakland but they will do so with the team tremendously punished physically.

The latest developments in the Warriors' infirmary leave an indefinite loss and several important questions. Almost certainly, Kevon Looney will miss what remains of the Finals. The pivot came out touched in the second game against the Raptors and, after having undergone a resonance, the team has confirmed that they have a fracture in the costal cartilage, which will leave him out for an indefinite time. The player is an important player in the internal rotation of the team and its low will imply greater dependence on the position of pivot in DeMarcus Cousins, a player who is not 100%: he was injured in the second game of the playoffs against Clippers and, after more than a month off, he stepped on the floor again in this final series against the Canadian franchise.

Thompson and Durant, doubts for the third match

Other of the worst unemployed, although not as much as Looney, after the second match was Klay Thompson . The escort was hurt in a defensive action mediated the last quarter and the rest of the shock was lost after being replaced. After having carried out the relevant tests, it is confirmed that Thompson suffered mild strain in the hamstring and it will be the next training session that will reveal if he is fit to play the third match.

The other important doubt is that of Kevin Durant. The forward carries calf discomfort that has him out of play since the fifth game of the conference semifinals against the Rockets, played on May 8. According to the latest statements by his coach Steve Kerr, estimated that he could return with the rest of the squad in the third or fourth game. The doubt could be resolved in the training they will have this afternoon (on Tuesday morning for the Californianos) .

To make matters worse, another player who is among cottons is Andre Iguodala. The escort has discomfort in the calf and, despite being decisive in the last game, played lame. In lesser degree of importance are the cases of Shaun Livingston and Stephen Curry, who despite being touched may play the following games. However, all these setbacks are a great concern in a team that has won everything and could turn it into the last big challenge to get the ring.

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