After Setién, Betis leaves another cruyffista: 'Guardiola de Gerena'

José Juan Romero will not continue directing the Verdiblanco branch, with which he did not even play the league of promotion to Segunda B.

Quique Setién of Betis left a few weeks ago and Betis has made it official that also abandons the Verdiblanco team José Juan Romero, coach of the first subsidiary and another declared cruyffista. Romero has not managed to raise Segunda B, he did not even enter the first four to at least play the liguilla of promotion.

Apodado "the Guardiola de Gerena" during the years in front of the team of this Sevillian town, his town, with which he deployed a position soccer and touch in Third, José Juan has claimed that already used the same foundations of Pep Barca two years before the coach of Santpedor began training: "Many people compare me with Guardiola, but when Pep arrived at Barcelona, Gerena had been playing like this for two years", He came to affirm.

Romero began in 2006 his career as a coach in the Gerena CD, which he promoted from the Second Regional to the Third Division, and he even played a promotion playoff to Segunda B, but stayed on the edge of what would have been historic for a town with just over 7,000 inhabitants: lost the penalty shootout of the last round against the Catalan Pobla de Mafumet.

In February 2016, José Juan joined the Betis branch to try to keep it in the bronze category. He did not succeed, but in the following season he returned to Segunda B. After descending again to Tercera in 17-18, this last year he has not achieved the return again.

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