AFE approves an income budget of € 14.4M (1.44% more)

The points of order were ratified with a broad support of 99.94%. The AFE party changes to "RFEF subsidy" and the CSD contributes half that in 2018.

The Association of Spanish Footballers held on Monday the Ordinary Assembly 2019. The attendance was the most multitudinous in the history of AFE, with more than 350 affiliated / assistants. The same took place in the Wanda Metropolitano, the Atlético de Madrid stadium , with the reinforcement of having devastated in the union votes that were carried out in May in the First and Second locker rooms and that are contested by Footballers ON.

The Assembly, as reported by AFE in a statement, started with a minute of silence in memory of all the players who died in the last year, with José Antonio Reyes present in the minds of all the attendees. A jersey of the great footballer of Utrera presided over the act.

The points of the day order subject to conformity of the Associates in the Ordinary Assembly were approved with a broad support of 99.94% . Among others, the accounts were approved corresponding to 2018 and the 2019 budget. AFE did not want to disclose until the most important numbers of the new budget are public. However, As has been able to know As, the income budget goes from 14.224560 euros to 14.429.813, 1.44% more. Personal spending also increases slightly, from 3.4 million to 3.5. What are reduced are the subsidies. That of the CSD goes from 321,946 euros to 138,032 since, as AFE recognizes, "it is expected that there will be more applicants" . The one from Fifpro is also reduced from 1.2 to one million euros. Television rights now account for 7.8 million euros, when in 2018 they were 7.5. The Social Fund also increases from 2.9 to 3.1. Finally, the party in favor of AFE is now called "subsidy of the RFEF" (one million). AFE aid expenses rose by 18.37% .

It was also approved in this Assembly the creation of the AFE Center Commission, a corporate center of the association that, if necessary, would become its new headquarters. It was also informed about the AFE Foundation, a non-profit institution whose aims are aimed at spreading the values of sport as programmatic principles of the Olympic movement, as well as the promotion of football activity. It must be remembered that this year a collaboration agreement was signed with the Reina Sofía Foundation.

And to finish, Néstor Susaeta, footballer of Albacete Balompié, was ratified as a member of the AFE board. Néstor addressed the audience , underlining that "is proud to enter the AFE board, as well as the responsibility to represent the collective. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me, especially David Aganzo, I will try to do my best. I feel very identified with AFE, which I consider is doing a great job. I will try to help as much as possible ".

Aganzo:" The spirit of the founders, more alive than ever "

David Aganzo, president of AFE, thanked" the commitment and unity shown by the soccer players in the voting that took place in the dressing rooms of First and Second Division A, being elected AFE single union and, therefore, majority in the face of the negotiation of the next Collective Agreement. The spirit of the founders of AFE is more alive than ever. "" It was a matter of legitimacy and we confirmed that AFE is the only 100% authentic voice of Spanish footballers, "he said.

Recall that AFE continues to move firmly , "because we need a Collective Agreement for women's football: the equality agreement. The one that comes to mean the real and effective recognition of the rights as workers of our compañeras ".

Sobre on this issue said that" for AFE is a priority trade union action, it is about giving a charter of nature to the rights as workers of footballers of our country. Our compañeras must have the same rights as our compañeros. They have earned their own right to be professionals ".

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