A Vettel can pressure

We have already seen him make mistakes in two circuits favorable to Ferrari, in Bahrain and in Canada. Lewis Hamilton's breath in the neck blocks his performance.

The Formula 1 returns this week in Francia, still with the image of Sebastian Vettel in Canadá, where he took out the worst of himself, that pilot who does not resist the harassment of his main rival, that champion who does not bear the pressure of a team like Ferrari that demands a performance at the height of its history, that irascible character that loses the forms in the face of adversity ... The German is a great pilot, that's for sure, because he has to be chained to four world titles, for much that the dominant Red Bull of then will facilitate the way. But Vettel is very much weighed down by the widespread comment that Lewis Hamilton is a pure talent, while he is a thorough and hard-working man, but less gifted at piloting than his opponent. Someone has compared them to Messi and Cristiano. I do not know.

With the wind in favor, Vettel is a fantastic pilot, but when the setbacks come he has a tendency to get flustered. When he signed for Ferrari he became the potential revitalizer of 'Cavallino Rampante', but in four years he has not been able to celebrate a Mundial, nor does it look like it will happen in the fifth. This course we have already seen him make mistakes before the English in two circuits that were favorable to the Italian team, in Bahréin and in Canadá. The penalty of the penalty of five seconds for his return to the runway in the last grand prix, involving Lewis, may be moot, but it is a fact that had he not gone out on the grass, he would not have been pushed to rectify. Ferrari has not won in the current campaign and in that scenario could not fail. And failed. Hamilton's breath in the cogote blocks his benefits.

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