A triumph of the quarry with the signing of the Lizarte team

Carapaz, winner of the Giro, and Héctor Carretero, Andrey Amador and Antonio Pedrero, who have competed with Movistar in Italy, were trained in the Navarrese team.

The Movistar team does not have a subsidiary, but that function is exercised by Lizarte, a historic formation of the Navarra club Asociación Deportiva Galibier with 27 years of history and a lot of prestige in the amateur squad. With them, the telephone team has an agreement whereby the World Tour squad helps with material (there is no economic link) and uses it as a nursery to discover and polish young talents.

That was the case of Richard Carapaz, who it was six months in which he confirmed the quality that Eusebio Unzué had seen in him when he was running in Colombia. "He was a cyclist who pedaled endlessly with legs like no other", explains Juanjo Oroz, ex-cyclist and director of Lizarte. "In our club we look at the person a lot, he showed to have education and charisma from the first minute. We hold him in high esteem," confirms Manuel Azcona, president of a club proud of his training work. And he has reasons. In the eight of the Movistar that won the Giro, half were polished or formed there: Carapaz, the Costa Rican Andrey Amador and two revelations, Héctor Carretero and Antonio Pedrero.

Photos from as.com
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