"I'm a Espanyol player and it does not look like I'm going to change"

The forward, wanted by a Betis who is willing to pay the clause and also in the bedroom of Valencia, confesses that today does not want to change airs.

Borja Iglesias is the fashion forward of Spanish football. The Valencia, whose priority is the player of Celta Maxi Gómez, has him in the bedroom and has joined Betis, the club that wants to leave the house through the window to have the striker of Espanyol. The representatives of the soccer player continue the negotiations, but Borja has made it clear in an act in Santiago de Compostela, his hometown, which intends to remain a parakeet: "My mind is set on Espanyol.I'm a player of Espanyol and it does not look like that is going to change, "he said briefly for the Cope.

Borja, very comfortable in the club perico, icon, scorer and capital in the European project, has a clause of 28 million and a half salary in the template. The player has difficult to address the improvement of the contract as the Espanyol also wants an increase in the clause, a point that was already discordant in the first negotiations last summer when he joined the club parakeet. However, the declarations of the player are a good symptom for the Espanyol.

Pese to it, the market has not done more than to begin, and movements of pieces can cause new or better offers, although for the moment the soccer player has expressed, once again, that his intention remains to be striker of Espanyol one more season.

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