Zion did not like the fact that the Pelicans won 1

His gesture changed completely when the election order came out and in the subsequent interview he was not very happy. From the US point to his desire to go to the Knicks.

Attention because there may be a mess in New Orleans when it seemed that everything had gone wrong. Zion Williamson, the main one involved in all this, does not seem to want to go to the Pelicans. In the broadcast of the draw, which was not live, were the main contenders to occupy the top positions in the draft and, among them, the former Duke. He looked quite happy before knowing the final order of the teams, how could it be otherwise. He was the protagonist of the night, the player wanted by all the League and undisputed favorite to occupy the next number 1 of the draft.

But something happened that did not fit into his plans. That something was that the first election went against all odds until Louisiana. From that moment the player's face changed completely. He no longer showed happiness and his expression, in which he still maintained a slight smile, seemed more like commitment. He immediately got up from his seat and left. The reason seems to be the interview that ESPN was going to do to him immediately afterwards, but in the same one he did not see him especially happy.

He said that he had never been to New Orleans, he was quite uncomfortable, he even answered a question saying that was not the number 1 of the draft. Not so much in a show of humility as in a way of showing a desire. And it is that from the United States is already pointing to Zion's dream was to land on the Knicks. The player seemed to have very clear what was his favorite destination and New Orleans was far from being.

The only clear thing is that it is not in his hand to decide where he will play. The ball is on the roof of the Pelicans who have to decide how to manage a situation that could not paint better for them. And one of the options would be to transfer that number 1 in exchange for a star. The problem for Zion is that the Knicks seem discarded in that equation. Beyond the number 3 they have little else to offer in exchange for the 1.

The other option of the Duke ex is to say clearly to the Pelicans when they talk to him that he does not want to go there and try so they choose another player with their first choice, something highly unlikely, since in case of not staying with Zion changing their pick would be much more beneficial for them. In addition, in case of New Orleans passing him, the next to choose are the Grizzlies, who surely would be delighted to meet with the power forward still free. So it seems that the love story between the Knicks and Zion will have to end before they even started.

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