Yorkshire: madness for cycling and "illusion" for their World Cups

The county of Yorkshire (United Kingdom) closes this Sunday the fourth edition of its fifth edition. The passion for the bicycle is total and in September, the World Cups.

The second stage of the Tour of Yorkshire (United Kingdom) went through Pontefract, a town of 30,000 inhabitants that turned over with the passing of the race. Only 30 kilometers had passed since the start, but nobody cared to cheer all cyclists. When it is said to nobody, it is to nobody, since the city left one of the images of the career for this editor, since un newly married, with their guests included, paralyzed a moment everything and went out to the door of the church to be one more. The Yorkshire Tour is an event for all the people of the county, and no one lets the opportunity pass. The craze for cycling is total and there is an example that demonstrates it.

The towns that receive the race, however small, are adorned with the colors of the county (blue and yellow) and do not stop animating. organization, that knows it, tries that the route happens through the maximum of possible places. Thus the joy of its people, is more shared. In 2019 Yorkshire lived its fifth Tour, the novelty has already passed, but the fans do not decrease, it goes on. The idea of the Yorkshire Tour crystallized with the departure of the Tour de France 2014. "The memory is indelible," recalled Chris Froome in the presentation of the test, which never until this year had run.

The environment dazzles each person alien to the county that passes through there, and the paths, too. There are no great ascents, nor is it necessary. A winding path, with narrow roads and where rain and wind appear and disappear when you come to win. A classic in every rule, but four stages. "These are the races in which you can not take your attention", acknowledged As Julen Irizar, cyclist from Euskadi Murias. The Yorkshire Tour of 2019 and its second stage were special, in addition to the newlyweds, because they were the perfect prelude to the World Road, which will be held from September 22 to 29.

The World Cup, a mousetrap flavored

In that second day, the cyclists gave a round and a half to the circuit that will wait for them at the end of the season and in which Alejandro Valverde will defend his title. A World Cup is a lottery, and in Yorkshire the ballots multiply. The bottom line will not be a single circuit, nor will the rest, only in the final kilometers. The men's race will start from Leeds and the women's from Bradford, while the tests against the chrono will be varying their output by the condado.

The only thing that will have the same will be the end, in the town of Harrogate (locality of 75,000 inhabitants), which It has a very demanding 14-kilometer circuit. The entrance is given by roads where the wind can enter on either side, climbs and also dangerous curves that could make any escabechina, like a narrowing in a story that is just entering Harrogate, there will travel the entire city (highlighting that in the center the test can be seen in a park from two points, which will be the nerve center of everything) to delirium of the premises. "We are very excited. We believe it is the most exciting circuit in years. We are counting the days to start. What a win ", recognized As a hobbyist by the side of the road. Yorkshire has vibrated with its Tour, now it awaits its World Cups.

Photos from as.com
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