With Gasol and without Gasol

Pau's injury takes him away from that confrontation with his brother Marc in the East, who would have transported us to the momentazo of the initial jump of the 2015 All Star.

The Conference Finals kicked off last night with the Western series between the Warriors and the Blazers, which includes a duel of brothers: the Curry. In the East, which will face the Bucks with the Raptors, there should have been another fratricidal pulse between Gasol, but can not be countersigned on the court because Pau is disabled by its recent operation in one foot. Pau Gasol has not been able to play a single minute in the playoffs. In fact, since landing in Milwaukee he has only appeared in three games in the regular season, with a total of 10 rebounds, 4 points and 2 assists in 30 minutes. A poor balance for a star of its dimension. Even so, if the Bucks win the NBA title, Pau will have its third ring . Nothing to do with the glory of the previous two together with Kobe Bryant in the Lakers.

Pau Gasol needs to feel competitive again, because it is in his pedigree, but age does not forgive anyone in sports. His injury separates him from that confrontation with his brother Marc, who would have transported us to the momentazo of the initial start of the All Star of 2015, which deserved the Premio Princesa de Asturias. Pau loses the rest of the year, and also what would have been his last World Cup . It will be strange for us not to see Gasol or Navarro in the National Team, after so many years of splendor. The clock devours without mercy. Despite its absence, a Final del Este gozará a good Spanish representation. Marc Gasol, Ibaka and Scariolo, in the Raptors, and Mirotic, in the Bucks. One more incentive to follow this final phase of the NBA. And also to be delighted with España, although myths are falling down due to the erosion of time.

Photos from as.com
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