"Football will gradually have the stability it needs"

María José Rienda, president of the Higher Sports Council, says that "the meeting has been very positive for the CSD, and we are continuing to take steps that are very important".

Meeting: "The meeting has been very positive for the CSD, we are continuing to take steps that are very important in order to reach an agreement, which is very important for football.They know the responsibility that each party has.We are taking very positive steps, we will continue making meetings until reaching a definitive agreement

More reunions: "We do not know how many more will be needed. The important thing is that they continue taking steps towards that agreement that football needs and they know it. "

Competencias: " Right now you can not specify those competences. There are many issues on the table and work is being done. The parties must continue working. "

Economic question: " What is on the table is the formality of the agreement itself and an economic part in which they will also have to reach an agreement. There are many parties and the Convention covers many things and we must take care of the details. We must take care of the ways and understanding between parties. It has been very positive and football, little by little, will have that stability that it needs. "

Ausencia de Tebas: " As I could not for agenda items in the previous meeting, it is still moving forward. We have technicians to spare. There is no problem We keep working, we are professionals. We know what we do ".

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