Waldo returns to give life to Valladolid and descends to Rayo

Pucelano canterano scored a great goal in the first part that it is worth to his team to leave the descent again, while Athletic was outdone in the first part and did not hit in the second.

El Real Valladolid achieved a new victory by the minimum (1-0), the ninth. And all of them by a goal of difference. As nine are the meetings that has managed to leave his goal to zero. Masip released a great game, but the protagonist was Waldo. The Spanish proverbs says that there is no harm that does not come well. When Pablo Hervías was injured just a month after being re-fished in the winter market, the option to raise Waldo from the subsidiary seemed the least bad. The pacense, from the beginning, fell in love with the blanquivioleta parish with its verticality and audacity, the undisputed titular. Since yesterday, is elevated to the altar of heroes blanquivioletas thanks to a great goal from outside the area that gave the three points to Real Valladolid, precisely, against the team of the quarry par excellence, Athletic. A Bilbao team little recognizable in the first part and much more credible in the second. In the first one he was not able to match the local intensity, nor to win duels, less to create more than one clear occasion. In the second, however, the Garitano tightened and could tie for quality and chances, but luck was not on their side in the Zorrilla meeting.

Sergio's came out to the game with the unmistakable intention of looking for the goal of Herrerín . The left band was again a reef with Nacho and Waldo making Capa suffer. In this way, and by waves, the pucelanos appeared to the Bilbao goal. Unal crossed his shot shortly before Waldo did the artwork in the afternoon. After having headed a frank ball that stopped the Basque goal, Pucelano canterano ran alongside Nacho, but instead of giving the ball to space to the side, the pacense looked for the space inward and his howitzer with the right leg went to Herrerín's squad. It was the fair reward for the first 20 brilliant minutes of the Valladolid. From there, the Garitano, who returned to Jose Zorrilla, stretched, began to win disputes and the game was balanced. In spite of it, the occasions were pucelanas. First Míchel and then Óscar Plano looked for the goal, but without success. Nor Muniain had the fortune in the clearest opportunity of the visitors. De Marcos put a center from the right, the pucelana defense was dislocated and the small Athletic player headed alone, but the ball went up.

The Valladolid did not get upset at the start of the second half. Unal, who did a great match, the best since you saw blanquivioleta, returned to touch the ball in a great center of Michel, which went narrowly. That occasion awoke the people of Bilbao who got rid of the expulsion of Capa, with two fouls deserving of a card when he already had one. The Garitano stretched and improved a lot with the entry of Raúl García. San Jose was able to score in the lead, as did Williams on the volley, who went out. The Valladolid suffered, lost time, the Athletic tightened without overwhelming, until the last ten minutes when Raul Garcia tried to make a vaseline over Masip and forced the blanquivioleta goalkeeper to make a save. It did not arrive, nevertheless, the pucelano goal to the head of Núñez, but the ball crashed in the wood certifying the victory vallisoletana, that removes it from the descent, leaves touched the Athletic in its fight by Europe and descends, indirectly, to the Rayo Vallecano .

Sergio: "The first half hour was excellent"

The coach of Real Valladolid, Sergio González, was exultant after the victory of his team, which allows him to come out of relegation places, and noted that "the points were vital" and the match was "very strong", while he valued the fans, for the great support shown.

Según said, "the first half hour was excellent, because it created danger and the goal was scored, although they balanced it in the second half "and admitted that they have had" the luck "that has eluded them during the season, to avoid the draw of a rival that squeezed in the final stages. "We should not be playing these finals because of the performance of the team, but it has soul and dedication, and it's a shame to be on the edge of the abyss and it will be precisely that attitude, that faith of the players and the city, that we will give strength to ensure permanence ", nuanced.

In his opinion, the triumph is to take a" giant step ", because it makes them re-dependent on them in the struggle for salvation and now wants the whole team" make a reset "and park the pressure that has suffered this week, as they knew the determinant of this shock.

In addition, he valued the fact of having left the net for the second consecutive game at home, since the offensive baggage of the team "is scarce" and, therefore, each goal "must multiply by more", said González, who explained that 111111Kiko Olivas suffers a sprained ankle.

The Catalan coach stressed that "the block is the one that has improved, because the defense has been more compact, leaving little distance between lines, but the merit belongs to everyone, with a high level of central and lateral and an improvement in all facets, fruit of that faith and delivery of all the players ".

Although he clarified that" the accounts no longer come out "and that football" does not usually have logic ", the goal has to be "add the maximum possible", starting with the next match against Rayo, since a new victory could mean leaving the permanence tied, for which they have already given "a coup d'état", with the victory against the Athletic.

Por Last, he indicated that Waldo scored "a great goal" and that it has been "a blessing" for the team, for "his impudence, his ability to unbalance the defenses and his striking", which is allowing him to "eat the field" and that, with that much, "has received the support to feel even more player of the first team."

Garitano: "The Valladolid came out more plugged and intense"

The trainer of the Athletic Club, Gaizka Garitano, recognized this Sunday, after losing before Real Valladolid 1-0, that the team blanquivioleta "came out more plugged and intense" and overflowed. Garitano stressed that Athletic improved in the second half, but "the ball did not want to enter" .

Según explained at a press conference, in the initial thirty minutes his team "no" was fine and Real Valladolid was "more intense in the duels and the disputes ", but from the" great goal "of Waldo his team" was fine "and did" everything to tie ". "Valladolid had the luck that has not had other games," added Garitano, who said that, to get the European classification, they must fight until the end because "nobody said it was going to be easy" and now the important thing is "think in winning the Celta "in the next commitment.

Sobre his decision not to line up Raúl García start, said he intended to" hook more game with Iker in the half point, with faster people up ", and indicated that the fundamental problem was that his team "had to leave more plugged."

"We suffered with the ball, we lost many balls, and that forces you to be perfect in defense, but mistakes are made and, although we were improving, finishing well the first half and controlling much more in the second, the goal did not come, "insisted.

Finally, he commented that there are" two decisive matches "to which the Athletic" arrives well ", po rque is still "one of the best in recent days, with numbers of 'Champions'", which makes him "optimistic" .

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