Viviani leaves the Giro: she goes empty and already looks at the Tour

There is only one foreseeable day for the sprinters (18th stage) and Viviani will not be there. He commented after the victory of Ewan that leaves the race.

Elia Viviani will not take the start this Thursday in the twelfth stage of the Giro 2019. The Italian champion commented, after the victory of Ewan in Novi Ligure, which was his last day in the race. The options for the sprinters are over, since now it is the turn of the mountain. Only on the 18th day, with a final in Santa Maria di Sala, could they have another chance, but Viviani will not be there, leaving empty.

El del Deceuninck is going to plan the second part of the season. The Tour de France is an option, but in the Belgian team they will decide depending on their state in July. After achieving four victories in the last edition, this year he is without wins in his locker. Although he got it in the third stage, ahead of Gaviria, he was disqualified for an irregular move in the sprint. He was second in three more stages and in his farewell this Wednesday he finished in fourth position. Sum four targets in the current course.

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