Valverde: "I did not want to take Coutinho out of risk"

Barcelona coach warns that Dembélé can be a break. On the encounter, it remains with the first part, with Umtiti, Wagué and Cillessen.

The coach of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, warns that the Dembélé can be a break and that "it is a setback if we lose it for what remains." About the match, he gets the first part, with Umtiti, Wagué and Cillessen.

How are the injured? Dembele has a muscle injury but we will wait until tomorrow to know exactly, but it could be a break. Todibo is not clear what he has, we must also wait for tomorrow, they can be only annoyances.

Do you alter the plans Demebélé's injury? Alter the party plans, because he is an important player and it would be a setback to lose it for what's left. Being an early injury, when we had only a few minutes, I did not want to leave Coutinho to take no risks.

How did you see the match? We dominated the first half, but in the second we lacked depth up. The 1-0 opened the way to win and we had no answer.

Why did it cost the team to generate chances? We played with many new ones that had to be combined. We lacked decision in the last section. In the second we arrived but we did not generate the necessary to mark.

What is left? You always expect things from the players, although it is difficult for everything to work. I saw Umtiti well, Wagué was fine, the goalkeeper ... There are things we can make clear.

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