Valencia bids farewell to Mestalla in Champions

His victory against Alavés and the defeat of Getafe at the Camp Nou allow Marcelino's team to place fourth for the first time in the entire season.

The Valencia gets into zone Champions. His victory against Alavés and the defeat of Getafe at the Camp Nou allow Marcelino's place fourth for the first time in the entire season. The blanquinegros fulfilled thanks to the goles of Carlos Soler, Santi Mina and Kevin Gameiro. Mestalla returned to be happy after the disappointment of last Thursday against Arsenal and Valencia now will travel next Saturday to Valladolid to certify its great goal of the season and the project. The other, the Copa del Rey final would be the icing on his Centenario.

El Alavés, meanwhile, said adiós in Mestalla to anyone to his dream of getting into Europe. So close he had it during the first phase of the championship as he went away from it in the second round. Yes, there is the work of Abelardo, who picked up two years ago a team that smelled like Segundo and leave it quietly in the elite of Spanish football.

Sirva the first part of Mestalla as summary of the black and white season. Of the good and the bad. The Alavés, with little, did him a lot of damage, even those of Abelardo were put ahead with the goal of Ximo Navarro. Out of merit Alavés -Jony wanted to like what could be his home- or just a hangover from the Arsenal, a Marcelino's looked heavy legs and more ideas. Guedes and Rodrigo recalled in a couple of actions that the lack of definition has been a drag since August and in fact it was thanks to an error by Duarte as Carlos Soler won the match.

Since, the black and white players also brought out of their virtues: surrender is not in your dictionary. And so Santi Mina, five minutes after the goal of Soler, overtook Valencia after a corner (very protested by the Vitoria, although acerara Cuadra Fernández). Shortly after Mestalla sang goal from a distance. Vidal scored in the Camp Nou and Valencia, for the first time in 37 days, was placed in the Champions area. This was how you came to rest; and after checking that the Curva Nord is history, at least as it was until this year. For his silence when there was a lot at stake and because the rest of Mestalla got tired of his tantrum.

The changing rooms came from Marcelino not to lose and those of Abelardo to pass the time. The blanquinegros were armed back, delivering the ball to the Vitoria, who managed it but many meters from the Jaume area (trial cup?). Gameiro's departure gave another march to Valencia, which was already launched by a third party that would at least allow him to follow what was happening in Barcelona without major upsets. This came after a Gayà car to the bottom line and with shot by Gameiro, who signed his ninth goal of the course. From that moment on, the game that mattered was played 350 kilometers from Mestalla and when Djené scored in his own door, in Valencia it was celebrated.

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