Total madness in Cornellà: Espanyol returns to Europe!

He did his homework with Espanyol de Rubi against Real, with goals from Rosales and Wu Lei, and accompanied the defeat of Athletic against Sevilla, last European rival of the parrots in 2007.

Before Sevilla, in that bittersweet night in Glasgow, the UEFA Cup final, the Espanyol of Europe was fired in 2007. Until the big evening of Cornellà, a blessed madness that was also played in the Sánchez Pizjuán, where the once rival allowed, thanks to his triumph against Athletic, that the parrots, with Rubi, return to the old continent. The dream came true. At the expense, of course, of a Real Sociedad that squandered its occasion.

A big strokes, the Espanyol season ended as it had begun. With the 'Darderismo'. If its author exalted the spirits in July with his bet for the title (in the sense of going to win all the matches), in the final day resurrected the spirit of legends pericas like Argilés, Parra, Canito or Pochettino. He was injured five minutes, he cursed his luck, twice he retired but he always came back. Even between sobs.

Tan so much swing maybe destabilized Espanyol, who yielded the command to a Real Sociedad constructiva, who prowled the goal in a Barrenetxea shot and a header by Llorente. The parrots also had their golden opportunity in a side fault that Wu Lei hit the crossbar. But the ovation of the first half took the 1-0 of the Seville against the Athletic: Cornellà has celebrated with fewer decibels some own goals in the 20th day. Or in the 37.

The outbreak of euphoria, paradoxically, gave more wings to the Real , that took the control in the resumption, although to the blows neutralized Borja Iglesias before Rulli the hand broken up by Willian José before Diego López.

The outbreak of euphoria, paradoxically, aupó to the Real one, that took the control in the resumption , although to the blows neutralized Borja Iglesias before Rulli the hand broken by Willian José before Diego López. Until the real bullet arrived, that of Rosales, who in the front received a gift so succulent that he did not even drop the ball before hitting a left foot. At 17:33, Espanyol was a Europa League team.

Y and endorsed eight minutes later, when Wu Lei took a pass into space to sentence, below the legs of Rulli. The timing coincided with the penalty voided by the VAR in favor of Athletic in the Pizjuán. It was one of the most beautiful moments in the history of the RCDE Stadium, a day to show that Calderón de la Barca was not right and that, for Espanyol, dreams are sometimes fulfilled. With the final invasion of camp the total madness was unleashed in Cornellà.

Imanol Alguacil: "I am proud"

The coach of the Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, affirmed after the defeat against Espanyol in the RCDE Stadium that the match went away to the team "at the beginning of the second half, in the first fifteen minutes" .

The coach of the Basque side, however, was "proud" of his team's football proposal. "We have achieved good football and we have also fought until the last minute for the seventh place", he reflected.

On the other hand, Alguacil congratulated Espanyol because, according to him, he has been "fair". "I understood that he would win the seventh place," he said. -EFE

Rubi: "The season has been ten"

What has it felt?

A lot of emotion. It had been a while since I cried. Today I have done it. I've seen veterans cry like muffins. It's fantastic, impossible to forget. I am very grateful for the first to last worked of the club. To the hobby. Justice was done, this is 38 days. In the second round we lost 4 matches.

What is the season left?

In transmitting a game idea, watching young people grow ... it is a pack of things that Espanyol has come out of very benefited. We want to give continuity to work

Do you want to say "I already told you so?"

When he said he was optimistic, it was because of what he saw. There have been a couple of days that we played badly, but I did not let myself go by an excessive optimism. There was realism.

Are you the only one who believed?

I have never felt unique. Inside, my players have always believed. If we had not, the work would have had the same value. We had a very bad stage, we solved them

What is the note on the season?

Le give a 10. Aspiring to the Champions was very complicated. We have got the team in Europe without being the objective

How have you lived?

I am a calm person, neither I come up with the victories nor sink with the defeats. The wardrobe was filled with tears.

See Victor, Javi, Barn crying ... imagine how he feels.The joy is enormous.

¿Who is dedicated to?

I dedicate it to all parrots, from first to last. To my parents, my children, my family. Today I am going to frame it. It has been magical, many beautiful moments have been lived. I have enjoyed watching my players.

Do you change much the plans of the preseason?

La avanzaremos .. The sports management is responsible, I will help in what creates best for the team. There is a lot of work. -Alex Biescas

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